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Sometimes, a targeted Instagram ad feels so specifically tailored to you that you can’t possibly disregard it. This is precisely how I felt when my feed introduced me to Offhours’s Homecoat: an extra-plush robe that feels more like a comforter than a piece of clothing.

This isn’t your typical loungewear, though. Offhours categorizes its line as inactive wear. So if you tend to feel guilty about wearing your gym clothes when you don’t break a sweat, this is the wardrobe addition for you. Made with French terry cotton and lined with T-shirt fabric, the Homecoat is machine washable and perfect for throwing on first thing in the morning and slipping on in the moments before bed.

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Homecoat, Offhours ($295)

Designed in Chinatown, New York, and made in a female-owned factory in Shenzen, China, this robe is transparently produced. With its tailored, thoughtful design, it looks far nicer than most loungewear options, which—to be honest—tend to just be old, worn-out sweats.

There’s something perfectly domestic about slipping on an article of clothing made exclusively to be worn indoors but isn’t a pair of pajamas. Whether you’re planning on getting some work done at your kitchen table or vegging out on your sofa, the Homecoat makes it seem easy to transport the comfort of your bed to wherever you need to be without messing up your covers.

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