Published on December 20, 2018

Area rugs are always a seminal design element. Think about it: When you unroll the right rug into the right room, the result is instantly transformative. Area rugs are almost like a magic trick; they instantly complete your space.

A solid area rug can provide texture, color, dimension, and warmth to living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms alike. In an open floor plan (studio apartments, included), you can visually section off a given room simply by placing an area rug underneath your furniture.

The only potential downside to finding a transformative area rug is a high price tag. This is especially the case in rooms with more square footage. Luckily, we’ve done our homework and rounded up a few rugs from Walmart that are chic and ring in under $500. So, go ahead and take a look at our picks—you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought to look at Walmart yourself!

The cool blue ombre finish of this one has us reminiscing of oceans waves. Prop this vividly colorful accent piece in an all-white entry for a high-contrast effect.

A pet and kid-friendly rug that manages to uphold a design-forward quality is always a plus in our books. This vintage-inspired piece is subtle yet impactful.

There are a ton of colors employed in this circular area rug, making it a rich piece that will bring a lot of depth to a room in a really cool way. This rug is hand-braided, which gives it a special touch. Think of pairing this rug with light, solid-colored decor and letting your artwork play off the deep hues.

Don’t let the word “kids” in this product’s title fool you. This area rug belongs in any room, regardless of your age. The graphic design will add a super cool, stylish touch to your living room or bedroom. 

We were pleasantly surprised to come across this super stylish rug at Walmart. This colorfully cool rug has the power to totally transform your space. Utilize the pops of pink, indigo, and yellow to tie in other tonal accent pieces into your room, like throw pillows.

With many daring colors all in one piece, this rug has a seriously cool air to it. Pair this rug with neutrally toned furniture to really make a statement in a bedroom or living room—or in your teenager’s room.

We’re digging this jute rug. It comes in a few bold colors, like red and yellow, for a pop of color. It also comes in a grey if you are looking for something slightly more subdued. While we came for the bold colors, we stayed for the jute. This rug is the epic piece your place needs.

While there are a few rugs that employ bright colors and geometric patterns, this option is special because it incorporates a border around the edges, giving it an extra touch that you might have felt was missing.

We’re loving the grey and dark grey variations of this rug. The pattern feels special, but it’s not too loud and in-your-face. If you’re looking for a rug that is subtly cool, this may just be your match.

This rug is perfect for a younger kid’s room. It’s fun and cheeky, but the font keeps things feeling super stylish, too. Nobody will ever guess that this rug came from Walmart!

While this one is intended for kids’ rooms (and would look awesome in any kids’ room), this rug doesn’t have to exclusively live in one. The truth of the matter is, the light blue hue and white detailing would be a refreshing addition to any spot.

This timeless rug is a great choice for anyone, regardless of their personal style. Whether you’re more traditional, or you skew contemporary, with the right styling this area rug can always look the part. Plus, the gorgeous contrasting colors make this a standout piece on its own.

If you’re in the market for something that is low-key, employs a pattern, and feels contemporary, then this rug is the one for you. The zigzag pattern is never overwhelming. On the contrary, it’s rather calming.

This subtle vintage rug is beautiful and can add a lot of warmth and comfort to your room. Think of this rug in your bedroom paired with all-white bedding. It will feel like you’re in the clouds, ensuring that your bedroom is nothing short of a dream.

This contemporary rug makes for a great centerpiece in a room. With its design and color, the rug is commanding, but it also won’t demand so much attention as to take away from your other beautiful furniture and design elements.

This rug is awesome because while it features a seemingly simple criss-cross design, if you look closely, it’s easy to see that the design is a little off-kilter. The handmade look and feel to this rug will make your room feel like something special, not cookie cutter.

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