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While we love getting our hands on super affordable home decor, we can’t deny the fact that shopping for stylish pieces under $25 can be quite tricky. Whether we like it or not, home items under $25 can often lack the quality of design that their more expensive counterparts readily employ. That being said, beautiful and stylish pieces under $25 do exist. So, we took it upon ourselves to sift through the rubble and show you all the gems we could procure. Ahead, see the items that will help revitalize any room in your home without breaking the bank.

Gooseneck Silver Floor Lamp, Walmart ($15)

Our favorite floor lamps aren’t just for providing light, they’re also important accent pieces in a room. If you’ve been nervous to commit to a new stylish floor lamp, try this sleek option that rings in under $15 dollars. That way you won’t feel bad if you decide to switch it out for something new after a while.


Ribbed Ceramic Vase, Walmart ($8)

Take a bouquet of flowers, pair it with an awesome vase, and the result is transformative. This super cool ribbed ceramic vase will complement any bouquet. Not sure what flowers to put inside? No worries, we’ve got you there, too. Take a look at our story that highlights the best flower trends of 2018 for some inspo.

Metal and Glass Lantern, Walmart ($9)

This little lantern paired with a pillar candle will instantly make any space feel cozier. Grab this piece for your office and get ready for a major enhancement. At just $11 dollars, there’s no investment needed to make a world of a difference.

Infinity Knot Pillow, Walmart ($8)

Switch up your throw pillow game and go for something unexpected. This cool decorative pillow is stylish, comfortable, and even machine-washable. There’s no doubt that it will add texture and intrigue to any chair, couch, or bed you decide to pair it with.

Gold Metal Bohemian Accent Mirror, Walmart ($13)

Though this mirror reads more like an accent piece, it functions as a regular mirror, too. Add it to your entryway above a table or dresser for an interesting touch that still lets you take one final look just before you leave the house.


Metal Cage Swag Pendant Light, Walmart ($20)

This piece is a steal! It’s rare to find a chic pendant light for $100 dollars, let alone under $20. If you aren’t quite sure where a pendant light could fit in your home, this guide might prove helpful.

Decorative Ceramic Pineapple, Walmart ($13)

Sometimes, it’s the silly, whimsical decor elements that can make all the difference. Liven up your foyer with a ceramic pineapple that’s symbolic of a warm welcome. Or, keep this little pineapple on your desk to send a welcoming message to your coworkers.

Mongolian Faux Fur Figural Rug, Walmart ($20)

This colorful rug is a fun and updated take on the classic sheepskin version. Plus, the pink hue makes it easier to keep clean. Drape it over your sofa or couch, or use it as an area rug.  It’s so soft that your feet will love it, too.

Gold White Tray, Walmart

A catchall is one of the most underrated and useful decor pieces around. Instead of having random papers, knick-knacks, and other loose items all over the place, you can place them neatly on this tray instead.


Black Table Lamp, Walmart ($14)

This cool table lamp is contemporary and minimal, which means it will complement nearly any decor. Looks aside, with its five-foot cord, this lamp is also functional so you can put it exactly where you want it.

Ombre Faux Fur Shag Rug, Walmart ($19)

This soft and durable rug is both comfy and stylish, making it an absolute steal at $18.66. We love the idea of putting this rug in a kids room to keep things fun and give off some sophisticated flare.

Gold Mercury Votive Holder, Walmart ($17)

Although we love a good votive holder, the truth of the matter is, they’re usually quite fragile. Instead of worrying about whether or not your expensive votives are on their ninth life, go for an equally chic set for a fraction of the price.

5-Piece Mirror Set, Walmart

A piece of art isn’t the only solution for a bare wall. Try utilizing a set of mirrors to fill the void instead. Assemble the mirrors in any shape that feels right to you, and you’ll have an instant installation that will also make your room feel bigger in no time. 


Triangle Geo Decorative Throw Pillow, Walmart

If you have a room that employs a few different contrasting colors, try bringing everything together with a multi-colored accent pillow. This pillow features four different colors and has a faux suede back.

Geometric Tabletop Sculpture, Walmart

Not all the chic decor pieces in our homes need to have a functional purpose. This geometric sculpture will add dimension to a tabletop or a pile of rad coffee table books.

Long Hair Faux Fur Pouf, Walmart

Poufs live at the intersection of decor and furniture. They make great accent pieces and can act as extra seating if needed. This faux fur pouf rings in just under $25 dollars, a solid price for a multifunctional piece.

Vanity Mirror in Gold, Walmart

Vanity mirrors are great to keep on your desk for that last minute touch up before you head out of the office for happy hour. Not only will this gold vanity enhance a space, but it also has a tray at the bottom to stow jewelry or makeup.


Mirror Vanity Tray with Gold Corner Accents, Walmart

There’s no reason why your beautiful perfume bottles should live hidden inside your medicine cabinet. Show them off with a mirrored vanity tray for custom DIY decor.

Silver Clear Ombre Glass Vase, Walmart ($13)

This vase is a keeper! Your houseguests will never guess that this elegant vase cost less than $13 dollars. With its ombre silver finish, this elegant piece is perfect for small, simple flower arrangements.

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