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Today’s roundup is an ode to two entities near and dear to my heart: quirky girls and Chairish. In case you’re not familiar with either party, let me paint a picture.

Chairish is the largest and fastest growing marketplace for vintage decor, furniture, and art. The site is diverse, hand-curated, and supremely easy to use. I’ve spent many an hour surfing the site for steals, and have come to cherish two particular characteristics of the platform. First, the easily accessible sales section. And second, the abundance of eclectic, one-of-a-kind decor accents. Perfect for the quirky girl home.

You know you’re a quirky girl if any, or all, of the following statements apply to you: You have lovingly curated a collection of tiny antique spoons. You listen to Ella Fitzgerald records on an old-timey record player while waltzing with your cat, Atticus. You once handcrafted a needlepoint portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg emblazoned with the phrase “Notorious R.B.G.” You own one or more vintage dresses patterned with teeny teacups (or other minuscule household item).

While the world may not always understand you, quirky girl, I do. Furthermore, today I’ve curated a dozen of my favorite finds from Chairish, all starting under $20.

Vintage Porcelain Floral Boot Vase, $10

Look at this adorable porcelain boot artfully painted with lovely florals. It’s delicate, yet assertive, just like you. Style it on a bookshelf next to your stack of pageworn Jane Austen novels.

Mid-Century Green Champagne Coupes – Set of 4, $10

The days are warming, and it will soon be time to gather your quirky friends and toast summer on the veranda (or, Brooklyn rooftop) with cocktails that feature ingredients like elderflower or smoked pineapple. I implore you to not settle for red Solo cups. Instead, elevate your soirée with these emerald-tinted, mid-century champagne coupes.

Chicago Illinois Grain Inspection Sample Canvas Bag, $16

Will you use it for storing root vegetables from your food co-op, or, bearing marigolds back from the flower market? The choice is yours. Either way, this charming vintage canvas sack will imbue your kitchen with farm more quirkiness than that torn Trader Joe’s bag.

Vintage Tole Daisy & Gardenia Trays – Set of 8, $16

Two words: quirky brunch. These would be the perfect table settings on which to place the new quiche you invented. It somehow uses lavender (fresh from your herb garden, of course) and is delicious.

Mid-Century McCoy Greek Key Drip Glaze Window Planter, $12

Be warned QG, I might adopt this one before you do. The juxtaposition between the classic Greek key motif and abstracted, drippy, glaze is calmly eye catching in a sublimely quirky way.

Champlevé Trinket Box, $10

I can picture this so clearly on a thrifted-then-upcycled nightstand. Will you use it to corral your antique jewelry, or, inexplicably, the ashes of old love letters? Who can say. Bring this steal home and see what feels right.

Brass Tennis Racket Paperweight, $15

Perhaps you’re not out on the court every day, so be it. You do count Billie Jean King as an icon, and that’s close enough. Score this miniature brass racket and lean it on a shelf for instant vignette magic.

Pastel Art Glass Bowl, $10

There is something oddly hypnotic about this Murano-style glass bowl. The combination of flowing organic form, and swirling pastel palette catch the eye and keep it guessing. Just like you.

Vintage Metal Powder Box Wind Up Music Box, $12

The rich, marmalade hue of this brassy antique provides oversized allure to this diminutive music box. That’s right, not only can you store tiny objects inside this piece, it will also play tinkly tunes to your quirky heart’s content.

Mid Century Cheese & Cracker Party Tray, $12

If you’re as unprepared as me, in that you’ve faced the embarrassing, last-minute realization that you don’t have a proper cheese board and will instead have to serve your goods on some kind of generic platter. Don’t get caught in such a state. Present your extensive spread of fromage on this charming mid-century tray.

Antique Shell Silverplate Serving Dish, $15

At 13ʺW × 11ʺD, this antique tray is practically free given the price. Feature it on your coffee table and fill it with a collection of Belgian matchbooks.

Carved Wooden Tern, $15

One of the core tenants of the quirky girl is love and care for the animal kingdom. Celebrate this creed with this charming carved bird, hand painted in a fresh, versatile palette. Comment the name you’d give it below.

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