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Welcome to the Wild West of internet shopping, a wonderland of auctions for anything and everything, a cluttered cornucopia welcoming all. I’m talking, of course, about eBay.

As a long time devotee of the platform, I’ve come to a bold conclusion: eBay is the best place on the internet to find steals on unique home decor. It’s lush with one-of-a-kind gems for those willing to sift through the chaff. As your style-obsessed Internet detective, I’ve made it my mission to get you straight to the goods once a week.

This week, I’ll be walking you through the


gallery wall

I’m dreaming of right now. For me, it’s all about the colors and textures of desert and beachy landscapes for the right balance of dusty and lush colors. Pick up your favorite

(all starting under $40)

, or, unite the whole lot and make my gallery wall dreams come true.

Trying to find a type of piece that’s missing here? Want more options? Let me know in the comments below!

Vintage Original Desert Yucca Plant Pastel, $34

I want to walk straight into this lovely desert scene and take a hike. Oil pastel has a tactile chalky texture that suits this piece’s dusty aqua tones and pops of watermelon pink. Plus, 10 percent of the sale of this item will benefit Animal Friends Rescue Project, so you’ll also be saving puppies.


Unique Vintage Korean Watercolor Painting “Boy & Cow”, $30

Of all the gems I’ve found, this one of my favorites thus far. First, let me set the scene via an excerpt from the listing description:

“The art was obtained from a lady who served in the Red Cross and was stationed in Korea in the 1940’s-1950’s. She had bought a number of these types of art work back with her…the paintings are done on paper, but are taped in the middle, my guess is they could not purchase the larger paper to work on, so this was the solution!”

There are only four of these beauties left (eight were for sale on first encounter) so do not sleep on them! You can choose between the pictured, “Boy & Cow,” “Boy Drumming,” “Making Flower Chains,” and “Horse in Stable.” Each features large swaths of bright colors at a generous scale (24″ X 33″) for a reasonable price ($39 including shipping).

Vintage Tropical Flamingos Print with Gold tone Frame 8″x10″, $5

A little kitsch never hurt nobody. This vintage print has plenty of Miami personality, but the soft, white and sky blue palette means it could easily live in a crisp, contemporary home. Also, it’s already framed and ready to hang for under $10.


Vintage Original Melon Slice Still Life Watercolor Painting, $10

Would you look at this delicious slice of soft, liquid color? What’s really satisfying about this piece is the complementary play between the washed out indigo and tasty melon orange. Pair this with a pastel frame for an even sweeter look.

Original California Desert Gouache Painting, “Sand Dunes”, $22

While I heartily enjoy loud statement art, I’m finding that in selecting art for my own home, I’ve been drawn recently to subdued, earthy palettes. Case in point: This California desert number has got me wrapped around her little finger. You could gaze off into these warm tones all day. (This one also donates 10 percent of the proceeds to puppies, so win-win).

Vintage Mid Century Modern Abstract Painting, $10

While this mid-century modern painting is more visually dense that many of the others on this list, consisting of a chaotic jumble of geometric angles and shapes, it would work well in a wide variety of homes because of the retrained color palette. The tones are gentle, complementary, and easy on the eyes. Make me proud and use this to style out your mid-mod reading nook.

Original Ocean Palm Tree Beach Painting, $5.50

For vacation this year, I’m booking a ticket to wherever this cheery number was painted. The palette has a happy balance of muted sage green and bright pastels that’s paired swimmingly with an slightly abstracted brush stroke.


“Beach Party” 1963 Vintage Movie Poster, $13.99

While I’ve never seen 1963 movie musical Beach Party, it’s said to have launched the “beach party” genre and was described in a Variety Review as a “beautifully set, bouncy bit of lightweight fluff,” something we could all use a bit of now and then. Anyway, if you’ve seen it give me your review in the comments below, but in the meantime, pick up this jaunty, color-blocked vintage poster for your beach-party themed gallery wall today.

Vintage Shore Park Resort Hotel 1940’s Flyer Poster, $12.79

Speaking of fun, retro times on the beach, I’m all about this 1940s flier for the Shore Park hotel of Miami Beach. The fuchsia color pops pleasantly out of the aged paper background, the typefaces are charming and varied, and the pricing provides an instant chuckle, reading, “$1 Per Day, Per Person.”

Two Vintage Hand Painted Southwest Landscape Framed Tiles, $38

In addition to being one of the more unique finds this week, this listing is a two-for-one. These sister pieces are actually hand-painted tiles that have been helpfully framed and are ready to hang. The

sorbet color

palette feels like summer, and the shapes making up the landscapes remind me of a southwestern Henri Matisse cutout.


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