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Boring floors? Super minimalist furniture? Need to add a pop of color to your space, but don’t want to invest in a new coat of paint or rolls and rolls of wallpaper? Well, we might just have the solution for you, and it’s a deceptively simple one: rugs.

Lately, we’ve seen all sorts of styles hit the market—from chinoiserie to geometric—but the one that really catches our eye is the modular rug. Not shaped in the way most traditional area rugs are, this style is actually perfect for those hard-to-design, irregular areas in your home; like the odd space between rooms in your open floor plan, or in a spot in your bedroom not covered by your dresser or bedside table. Just throw it in anywhere you need to make a statement—geometric rugs are way easier (and cheaper) than switching up your walls or furniture. Here are some of our favorites.

Abstract Wool Rug “OCI TRIS”, AHA Life, $2,129

Handcrafted with 100 percent New Zealand wool, this rug is available in three different color palettes. The light and dark combo makes it ideal for floors of all shades, and the varied weaves and lengths in the composition give it a luxe feel. Add to the foot of your staircase for a funky look.

Shaped Brenna Rug, Anthropologie, $238.40-$1,438.40

A colorful geo print on this shapely rug gives it a vibrant edge, and the tufted wool allows you to just sink into it. However, due to its delicate weaving, it’s recommended for low-traffic areas: Consider placing it below your dining table, or near a hardly used passageway.

Optic Hexagon Rug, West Elm, $419

Hand loomed by skilled Indian artisans, this hexagon shaped rug is a blend of monochrome designs that instantly cheer you up. It’ll fit in a small space like a foyer or dining room, but you can even layer it over a plain rug in pale blue or pink for added interest.

Hexagon – Cotton Candy Swizzle Blend, Kinder Modern, $450

Another hexagon shape, this one plays with other geometric designs in a solid color. It’s perfect for minimalists who just want to dip their toe into this style, and works great in a bedroom thanks to its calming pink hue.

Pinocchio Rug, Hay, $285

Named after a Danish brand of liquorice, the Pinocchio rug epitomizes the shape of this delicious candy by way of hand-rolled felt balls that are hung on a chord and sewn into the circular rug. While it’s not exactly low-key, it’s a colorful option that’ll look smart and trendy in a neutral room.

Nanimarquina Do-Lo-Rez Rug, MoMA Design Store, $3,493

Designer Ron Arad created this rug as a blown-up version of a pixelated image, but in my opinion, it looks kind of like a puzzle that’s yet to be completed. However you want to look at it, you have to admit that the contrast of light and dark squares in a simple color palette give it a sophisticated edge, ideal for studies or home offices.

Mezzo Rug, Bolia, $1,062.91

A fun, two-toned graphic design makes this statement piece an eye-catching contrast of color, and the grey-blue hue will remind you of crashing ocean waves when the weather gets too cold to head to the beach.

Icelandic Sheepskin, Hawkins New York, $200

To add some comfort and texture to a bedroom or fireplace, a sheepskin rug is optimal. This one is relatively affordable and luxuriously soft, while the fun shape allows for a bit of a modern edge.

Printed Lemon Rug, Urban Outfitters, $39

When life gives you lemons, make a rug out of them. (Oh, is that not how the saying goes?) This cheeky lemon print is made of braided cotton (aka, very easy to clean) and will add a touch of whimsy to your favorite space. Who needs a gallery wall when you have this fun piece of floor art instead?

Nanimarquina Losanges Rug, MoMA Design Store, $4,836 – $14,359

Jeweled tones allow for a look that’s both bold and elegant. Designed as a reinterpretation of traditional Persian rugs by way of using ancient kiln techniques, 13 colors mesh intricately in complex geometric shapes for a dramatic look.

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