Market by Julia Stevens

Published on May 22, 2021

Yes, we’ve heard the one about a rug really “tying the room together,” but what if it weren’t just something that made a space cohesive—what if your floor covering was the star? There’s no reason a woven wonder can’t draw all the attention and inspire the way you envision the rest of a room. In other words, a good rug should floor you.

Thanks to vivid colors, quirky-cool patterns, and out-of-the-box shapes, each of these options is a sure way to make your style known as soon as someone steps into a room. They’re also great guidance for wall paint, furniture, and accessories. Another plus for patterned rugs? They layer well with carpeting and other bigger, solid rugs. 

Here are our current favorites, which are worth decorating an entire room around.

Dot, Dot, Dot

This artisan-made wool and cotton woven circle is an all-around winner. Try it in the center of an entryway or to break up the hard angles of a boxy space. 

Best Buds

Vera, the designer behind this floral floor covering, reportedly produced a new print every day of her life, which makes us feel inspired (and a little under-accomplished, if we’re being honest). But the absolute best part of this watercolor option is that the smallest size (2-by-3-feet) starts at just $48.

Shape Up

This overlapping design is a literal Venn diagram of all the things we love: subdued shades, an unusual shape, and a smooth texture. 

Graphic Content

The hip palette of this Southwestern-leaning, hand-knotted rug sets the tone for an entire room’s worth of furniture, from woven baskets to wood chairs. 

Chill Out

We can’t get behind a real bearskin rug, but this flat-weave take featuring an adorable polar bear? Totally cute for an animal-themed nursery. 

Wild Thing

A leopard-print runner or area rug is practically a neutral when you pair it with classic furniture and jewel tones.  

Desert High

The design is based on a cactus, but the bold colors and hard angles give us video game vibes. Pair it with light pieces so it’s the clear winner of the room.


This flat-weave sets the tone for an entire room: The black and white palette goes with anything, and the optical illusion pattern catches the eye right away. 

Color Your World

Inspired by India’s desert, this flat-weave is a ready-made palette. Sage and blush can inspire your sofas and chairs, while black adds a dose of drama. 

Rainbow Road

This wavy one is almost too pretty to step on. (We said almost.) Let its ROYGBV theme inspire your decor, from sconces to art.

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