Published on March 14, 2016

The Mother In-Law-Impressing Parlor

She didn’t think you could pull off those dark walls, did she? But they work, because you had the good sense to choose the Loloi Xavier rug with a vibrant yellow hue that adds balance and contrast to your paint choice. Pour her a cup a tea, gossip about Aunt Nancy, and let the compliments roll in. 

The Weekend Team Project

Group projects seem fun, even on a Saturday, when they’re happening in here. There’s nothing too formal about this space typically reserved for family dinners, but now playing host to creative productivity. The cozy layer at your feet will make everyone comfortable enough to stay and hang out long after the weekend’s work is done. Shop the Loloi Akina rug.

The Guest-Greeting Hero

The only thing that feels more welcoming than all this natural light is the Loloi Anastasia rug perfectly completing the room. A shining example of how multicolor can be sophisticated, this rug sets the stage for greeting every guest who stops by, from playdate parents to your cool coupled friends. 

The Cozy Relaxation Zone

This room sometimes uses its fireplace in May, and isn’t afraid for you to know that. The prime focus? Coziness, and the rug is leading that charge. Curl up with a good book (or an iPad), and relax the workweek away. Shop the Loloi Emory rug.

The Family Board Game Zone

If an afternoon of doling out Monopoly money is on the weekend’s agenda, this is the room where it happens. A little friendly family competition will find plenty of space and comfort plain hard wood floors just can’t deliver. Shop the Loloi Empress rug.

The Afternoon Nap Landing Spot

You’ll bring a book in here, sure, but when the inevitable nap happens, the Loloi Fable rug won’t judge you. Quite the opposite, it applauds your lazy weekend endeavors and might also be the perfect base layer for a pillow fort later on. Just sayin…

From Loloi’s Fable Collection designed with Justina Blakeney.

The More The Merrier Bohemian Home

Everyone’s welcome, as long as they take off their shoes! This is a rug for bare feet to enjoy, and certainly not scuff up with outside dirt. Chairs prove almost unnecessary with this level of soft comfort, and this spacious area rug ensures everyone who comes over has a spot to join the conversation. Shop the Loloi Folklore rug.

From Loloi’s Folklore Collection designed with Justina Blakeney.

The Posh Place For Pinot 

The room you impress people in, this rug is ready to meet your harshest critic. The new boss you invited over for dinner, the college friend who always had amazing style. They’re all going to ask where you got that rug…and that table…and that artwork…Shop the Loloi Giselle rug.

The “Me Time” Corner 

When you can’t be bothered with being bothered, this is the place to be. The beautiful hide rug you’ve wanted forever is not a place for high foot traffic, or reckless play. It’s a zone of zen for letting worries wash away, and chores fall into the forgotten. Shop the Loloi Grand Canyon rug.

The Girls-Only Gathering

Ladies night in will always trump ladies night out. Grab the Chardonnay and the stories you’ve been waiting to share for weeks. This is a room where catching up is basically mandatory, and floor covering compliments flow like…well, wine. Shop the Loloi Kingston rug.

The Space For Haute Hobbies

Where an extra room could accidentally become a catch all space for the odd piece of furniture or the forgotten project, adding the gorgeous, colorful Loloi Nomad area rug lets the room know it serves a purpose. In this case, a room with such lovely light and open space is perfect for giving your indoor hobbies attention they haven’t received in far too long. 

The DIY Yoga Studio

Keep distractions at a minimum, and quiet comfort at easy access. We love how the neutral, geometric pattern of the Loloi Promenade rug allows so easily for keeping other colors and prints neutral, but not boring. All that’s missing is a lit candle or two and your yoga mat. 

The “Thanks For Coming” Foyer

No one likes to be rushed through the “ugly” room to get to the space that has received your full attention. This foyer’s completeness, thanks to one very smartly sized rug, lets guests know you’ve prepped the whole space for the party. We hope you brought friends. Shop the Loloi Torrance rug.

The Staycation Suite

When you make your living room look better than your favorite beachside hotel, why on earth would you ever leave? Turn off phones, laptops, and similarly distracting devices, and appreciate how balanced and calm you feel among these hues of blue. Shop the Loloi Vero rug.

The Room Everyone Instagrams

A rug so chic you have to constantly make sure none of your friends sneak it out the back door when you aren’t looking. Beautiful pendant lamps and tryptic art certainly round out the room, but there is no denying it’s the Loloi Viera rug that’s stealing this show. Topped with midcentury chairs, this is a room many, many other dining rooms will be modeled after. Take it as a compliment. 

The Happy Hangout 

Every family member, every friend, we’re all feeling the weekend vibes in this up-for-anything room. Movie night? Game night? Pizza-and-Game-of-Thrones trivia night? It’s all going down in here, against the backdrop of a rug that makes the room feel complete and welcoming in a way other carpets simply can’t. Shop the Loloi Viera rug.