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Your foyer could easily be an afterthought—but considering it’s your home’s first impression, it’s worth giving the space a little TLC. Before you start ordering paint swatches, there’s a quicker update you can make to freshen up an empty hall: Simply bring in a carpet. We have a few entryway rug ideas to get your mood board going. 

Ideally, it should be something that’s a cinch to wash (or at least spot-clean) and not too precious, given how many times you’ll be walking over it on a daily basis. Practicality aside, consider these six tips to ensure your new textile really makes an entrance.

Embrace the Dark Side

The tip to steal: Mud, leaves, rain…there’s a lot we track into our homes. And while you should definitely regularly clean any high-traffic surfaces, you should also be on the lookout for little ways to make day-to-day upkeep easier. One such trick we learned from this Hamptons house is to choose a deeper color palette that won’t show dirt as easily—it might be a Band-Aid solution, but it makes a big difference. 

The hero buy: An indigo blue handcrafted rug blends sneaky function and bold style perfectly. Plus the vibrant hues come from 100 percent vegetable dyes—no harmful chemicals here. 

Rugs photo
Rug #31, Demaroc Home ($2,000)

When in Doubt, Go Oversize

The tip to steal: Australian designer Sibella Court has the right idea: Fill up a long, narrow hallway with an equal-size runner. It makes the entrance look cozy and considered versus just an unloved spot for coming and going. 

The hero buy: If your entry is similarly shaped, check out ABC Home’s indigo option for an ombré treat. Hang up some frames and switch out the overhead lighting for a chic pendant, and you’ve got yourself a highly personalized pocket of your house. 

Rugs photo
Casablanca Rug, Abc Carpet & Home ($3,520)

Make It a Mixed Bag

The tip to steal: A mid-century console, a farmhouse bench, and an antique rug team up to create this layered space, ensuring it feels anything but one-note. If you have a roomful of same-era elements, make the carpet totally different for a bit of visual intrigue. 

The hero buy: It might not be vintage, but Urban Outfitters’s old-world–inspired piece still brings the charm (and the pink pop). Mix it into a more modern area to spice up the floor plan. 

Rugs photo
Aziza Printed Chenille Rug, Urban Outfitters ($39+)

Turn It Into the Star

The tip to steal: Speaking of contrast, zhuzh up a neutral hall with a punchy textile à la Thayer Gowdy’s Bolinas, California, home. Set against a collection of wood accents and white walls, it not only steals the show, it warms up the room. 

The hero buy: Inspired by the vibrant shades of Morocco’s Jardin Majorelle, this woolen piece ticks all the boxes. Eye-catching pattern? Check. Bold colors? Check. Instant focal point? Check, check, check. 

Rugs photo
Between the Lines, Beni Rugs ($465)

Stack on Layers

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

The tip to steal: Two entryway rugs are better than one. Start with something larger and woolen, then pile on a rougher option like jute to add depth. When you’re dealing with cold tile or stone floors, there’s no such thing as texture overload. 

The hero buy: In this case, that’s buys, plural: A cream-colored Turkish rug to provide warmth and a simple woven one that comes with hand-tied fringe make for the ultimate dream team. 

Scale to Fit

The tip to steal: Proportions matter—a smaller entry, like this one from Emily Henderson, would look out of place with an equally tiny carpet. When in doubt, choose the larger size. 

The hero buy: This shed-resistant classic blue piece will work in pretty much any space, with any design aesthetic. It’s also reversible, which may not be directly related to its scope but feels like an important detail to mention; simply flip it over and you’ll get a new look for your foyer without having to pick up so much as a paintbrush.  

Rugs photo
Reflected Diamonds Indoor/Outdoor Rug, West Elm ($135+)

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