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A room’s function is defined by its furniture. Some spaces, like the living room, are no-brainers: A sofa, rug, and coffee table are always a solid start. Other areas, like the entryway, are less obvious. Bench or console? Fresh flowers or a potted plant? Coatrack or wall hook? The sheer number of combinations and possibilities is dizzying. Fortunately, Nate Berkus decided to clear the air.


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??A chic entry doesn’t need to be complicated

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“A chic entryway doesn’t need to be complicated,” the designer declared in an Instagram post on Monday. In a short video tutorial, he breaks down the anatomy of a well-styled foyer—and his list is surprisingly short. According to Berkus, all great entrances have six (yes, only six) things in common. These are the essentials: 

A Mirror

The Octagon by Clara Von Zweigbergk, Domestic ($73)

For last-minute makeup fixes and wardrobe adjustments, a large mirror is a lifesaver when you’re in a rush. 


A Console Table

Now House by Jonathan Adler Josef Console Table, Amazon ($296)

A sturdy console table is the backbone of the space. This Jonathan Adler design understands the value of a first impression. 


Flowerpot by Verner Panton 1969, &Tradition ($580)

A gloomy entrance is not an option. Verner Panton’s iconic Flowerpot lamp is the perfect size and silhouette for a narrow hallway. 


Seagrass Fringe Basket, Target ($30)

Coats, boots, umbrellas—really, anything you’d be tempted to toss on the floor—can live happily in a basket. 

A Favorite Book

Michael De Feo: Flowers, Amazon ($25)

Pepper the tabletop with a bold coffee-table book or two for some visual interest. Bonus: You can leaf through it when you’re waiting on others to head out the door. 


A Dish for Keys

Bits and Bobs Dot, HAY ($10)

When your keys aren’t sitting safe and sound in this catchall dish, you can admire its lilac base.

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