Published on April 12, 2019

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are the ultimate design dream team, but even they have their disagreements. The duo recently went on the Rachael Ray Show to talk all things decor and their chat included an object that’s been a major point of dispute in the couple’s household. The accessory in question? A footstool. Or, at least that’s what we think it’s supposed to be.

“I have something that I’m incredibly proud to own,” Berkus begins as, as Brent warns the audience not to get sucked into the story. “It is an English, leather pig. It technically was a footstool, but I think that there’s something really charming about it.”

The ornamental pig, which Berkus reportedly sourced from Liberty London, has traveled with him from home to home for some time now. Berkus suggests that he likes to surround himself with things that bring up old memories of travels. Brent, on the other hand, makes a case for function. “My issue is that the pig has no actual purpose,” he explains. “Yes, I know that there should be an emotional connection and I love that story, but this is just a thing that collects dust.”

While both sides agree that no guest has, in fact, every used the footstool for its intended purpose, the piece is surprisingly versatile. In one photo, Berkus shows the stout pig sitting next to a freestanding bathtub. In another image, his companion sits cozily underneath a side table in the living room. But what Berkus considers an all-purpose statement accent, Brent sees as a waste of precious floor space. “It goes anywhere that you don’t need it,” adds Brent.

So where did the great pig debate get them? Ray asked the audience to take sides and, to Brent’s disappointment, the majority vote fell with Berkus. Still, when the pair eventually finds themselves in the market for a new footstool, we’ve got them covered.

A Silky-Smooth Alternative

Introducing the new and improved pouf: Ferm Living’s ribbed totem stool. Whether used as a side table or extra seating, Brent will love all the use he can get out of this chic number.

A Soulful Replacement

If it’s a story Brent is after, this aged brass-and-leather sling from Spanish design studio Jover + Valls is the ultimate conversation piece. Most importantly, no one will be talking about the barnyard.

A Sculptural Addition

Modeled after Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool, this mid-century-inspired piece will lend timeless appeal to any bathroom, kitchen, or dining room.

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