Published on January 15, 2020

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Graphic by Madeline Montoya

Retro tile, ’90s cabinets, bland white walls—they’re just a few of the realities that most renters have to live (aka deal) with. Sure, you could refinish your countertops or paint every wall a new hue, all while keeping in mind that you’ll have to go back to white before moving out or give up your security deposit altogether. But there’s a quick solution that can liven up your walls as quickly as it can be taken down: removable wallpaper. 

The peel-and-stick alternative isn’t a subpar option; a surprising amount of wall-covering companies make design-y versions that you might even mistake for the real deal. Whether you’re out to make your entryway the star of the show with a golden-hued scene like designer Chiara de Rege did in her Manhattan apartment, or you just want to cover a nook in a leafy print, here are 20 solid (and patterned!) wallpapers to get you inspired.


Make the most of a blank canvas by covering it with Matisse-like shapes or marbleized waves.


Give your room the Gucci treatment with a sorbet-hued crane wallpaper, or infuse the space with jungle flair thanks to leopards and tropical birds.


You don’t have to fully embrace the Laura Ashley life to cover a room in flowers. These modern prints are proof that even prairie-style wall coverings can look fresh.


Bring the outdoors in with a dramatic rain forest scene or a blue-blue sky. Or give your space a dose of sunshine with a graphic dawn-and-dusk design.


Toile is a look, we know. But new spins on the classic pattern—like a Brooklyn themed one featuring Notorious B.I.G.—give it a 2020 feel. Take it one step further with unexpected colors like mint and moss.

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