Published on October 2, 2019

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Courtesy of Chasing Paper

The great thing about removable wallpaper is that, well, it’s removable. Which makes it especially helpful when decorating a nursery; just as you’ll need to upgrade to bigger shoes and swap onesies for toddler sweaters, you’re little one’s bedroom is sure to change along the way. Chasing Paper has long been our go-to for temporary style fixes in our rentals, but now, thanks to a new collection with Pehr, it can help you out with kids’ room quandaries, too. 

Officially launched today, the line features 13 prints. Whether you can’t say no to a sweet motif or you’re looking for something more classic, you won’t be disappointed—the collaboration includes multiple patterns that’ll last way past the diaper years. We found three standouts you don’t have to put in the nursery at all: 

The Avian Artwork

With nary a stork in sight, this bird-laden wallpaper is just the right amount of whimsical. Stick it in a powder room to make the tiny space sing.

The Simple Stripes

Try a two-tone look with bold paint and this timeless design, available in four colorways, to make a statement in your entry. 

The Fishy Formation 

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Courtesy of Chasing Paper

Pick an under-the-sea print for a bathroom, kids’ or otherwise, and there’s no need for the expected tilework. At the very least, it should make getting ready for bed an easier undertaking. 

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