Published on June 8, 2019

It’s very easy for a nursery to steer into stereotypes. You’re always one gateway stork away from a pastel-filled space that’s a little too sweet, the danger of that being your little one is likely to outgrow it quickly. Instead, look to elevated materials and playful colors that will stand the test of time without sacrificing whimsy.

However, if all this sounds easier said than done, don’t panic. We’ve pulled a few examples of the chicest nurseries, each one chock-full of storage solutions and dreamy color moments; they might even inspire you to redo your own room.

The One With Celestial Style

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

There’s not much about Keren Richter’s nursery we don’t want to commandeer for ourselves, from the beautiful antiques to the dark hardwood floors. That said, the main attraction is definitely the showstopping Calico wallpaper. Pitted against toys and soft textiles, it strikes just the right amount of contrast.

The One With Elevated Neutrals

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

When your mother is Parachute founder Ariel Kaye, you can rest assured that your digs are going to have the chicest textiles. This nursery plays up its simple palette by layering in a plethora of blankets and rugs, each in a slightly different hue and material for some textural variety. If you’re working with a neutral space, mimicking this approach will instantly take it up a notch.

The One That’s Tiny, but Mighty

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Domino’s executive editor, Alex Redgrave, had one big goal when designing her warm-toned nursery: to create a cozy space filled with character that would work with limited square footage. As such, this cheery room is full of sneaky storage. There’s the dresser instead of a regular changing table, for example, and the shelf of large baskets, both perfect for hiding away less-used items.

The One With a Visual Kick

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Photography by Jessica Antola

Of course, Christene Barberich’s nursery is as colorful and cool as the Refinery29 cofounder herself. Graphic touches and bold hues (check out the matte black wall) really make this kid’s room unlike any other, creating a grown-up–friendly space where both Mom and child can coexist in happiness. Take a page from Barberich’s color-saturated playbook and incorporate a few of your own signature style elements in your nursery to craft an environment you’ll want to spend time in—after all, for the first few years anyway, your taste is the one that matters.

The One We Want to Lounge in All Day

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Photography by Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson Design

Stunning wallpaper aside, one of the smartest styling tricks to steal from Emily Henderson’s airy space is the incorporation of an adult-friendly daybed. Not only does this create somewhere cozy for the parents to hang out while watching the baby, but it’s also a transitional piece that Henderson’s daughter will be able to grow up with—saving money and headaches down the road.

The One With a Clear Color Story

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Photography by Amy Bartlam

And that color story is, simply, yellow. Inspired by her daughter’s favorite hue, Lulu & Georgia founder Sara Brenner peppered in citron accents in a range of shades and patterns, creating a layered space. The variety (see: chic ochre bedding juxtaposed against a playful lemon-print wallpaper) keeps the room from feeling too one-note. If you’re thinking about a more traditional nursery palette, incorporate different gradients of your color of choice to achieve a similar style.

The One That’s a Bohemian Paradise

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Photo courtesy Justina Blakeney

Courtesy of none other than Justina Blakeney, this nursery is a master class in eclectic style for the younger crowd. It’s all about mixing patterns in the same color family to add depth; here, that’s a medley of yellows, blues, and monochrome hues. A couple rattan accents here and there in more whimsical motifs emphasize the boho vibes.

The One for Two

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Photography by Heidi’s Bridge

If your kids share a space, get creative. Instead of the traditional bunk beds or side-by-side twin beds, try a unique configuration like author LaTonya Yvette has done here. It feels more unexpected while still providing cohesion, given that the bed frames are identical and the colors complementary.

The One With the Coolest Crib

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Photography by Erin Kelly

This egg-shaped concoction is more than just eye candy. Photographer Erin Kelly picked it out for its flexibility: It transitions from a bassinet to a crib, and eventually to a toddler bed. When you have to spend money on a seemingly never-ending list of transitional items in the early years, from clothes to toys, not having to worry about updating the biggest fixture in your child’s nursery is a big money saver.

The One With All the Color (Literally)

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Photography by Jeff Mindell

Riddled with retro art and magical finds, this stellar, rainbow-inspired nursery takes living in Technicolor to the next level. In order to keep the room’s vibrant palette from feeling overwhelming, Kelly and Jeff Mindell (the duo behind design blog Studio DIY and their son, Arlo’s, epic nursery) made sure that any color they brought into the space was repeated at least once, so no one hue felt random or out of place. It’s rainbow decor done right.

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