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Like its mini inhabitants, a nursery is constantly changing. While there’s creative freedom in flexibility, no one wants to undertake a full redecoration every year. How do you infuse personality into a space for someone who’s always growing, changing, and on the move?  

Chasing Paper founder Elizabeth Rees suggests thinking differently about the transitional room. In a space that is bound to need a revamp sooner than you’re mentally prepared for, look to the walls as a blank canvas. They can be easily reimagined. Rees is predicting what three trends will be the biggest for nurseries and baby-friendly areas over the next year, and they’re big on impact.

Onward and Upward

Wallpapering the ceiling isn’t a revolutionary concept, but by limiting the pattern to just overhead, with a coordinating wall paint everywhere else, the idea goes from visually overwhelming to comfortingly focused (plus babies get more than a cute mobile to gaze up at). 

(Not) Mellow Yellow

Yes, pastels make up the classic nursery palette that creates a calming vibe. But Rees says the next big color for babies’ rooms will be marigold yellow. The cheerful, saturated hue turns up the brightness (and joy) while creating a sunny backdrop that plays well with primary and paler shades alike. 

On the Edge

Don’t limit statement splashes of color to just the surrounding four walls. According to Rees, another creative take is to extend the paint to the trim. Crown molding and windowsills are now being swathed in matching (or purposefully contrasting) tones for added personality and visual interest.