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Finding the perfect warming blanket for a cold winter’s night isn’t as easy as it might seem, especially with all the different brands, materials, and styles out there. While some materials might be too itchy for you, others may have you shivering by a fireplace because they’re just not warm enough.

And then, don’t forget about the fake, cheap materials available on the market. Jodi Finer, creative director of luxury material brand S. Harris, explains, “Natural fibers take very differently than synthetic fibers in terms of color, so look for saturation of color to determine if something is what it says it is. In addition, hand feel is a huge aspect of playing with textiles, so feel how soft and delicate something is as you buy it—you’ll be able to tell if it’s machine-made.”

Below, check out expert recommendations for the materials and blankets you should be investing in this season—along with some Domino-approved picks. Staying warm has never felt so easy.


The classic, wool is a wonderful option for the winter—but can sometimes get a little too constricting, depending on weave and texture. “Since many can find wool to be too warm, I recommend it for a blanket, but less so as a top of bed. Throws are great for quick warmth in open spaces, making wool perfect as a throw, “ says Justin Sonfield of The Company Store. “Throws are generally small and manageable, and can be maneuvered for temperature regulation.”

Domino recommends:

Divine Wool Billiard by S. Harris, price on request

The closely-woven texture of this wool-blend fabric makes sure it’s not itchy (as some wools tend to be), and also ensures it doesn’t get too warm.


“Cotton is your best bet for your bed,” explains Finer. “It’s really breathable and ages as it washes, which makes it easy for a home.” Since it’s usually associated with warmer temperatures, use cotton as your base with maybe a warmer throw on top, in order to add in an extra, customizable layer of warmth as you sleep.

Domino recommends:

Shibuya Cotton Throw by ZigZagZurich, $159

Cotton’s always a wonderful choice, and in this case, you’re getting an artistic take that will also add a pop of color to your bedroom.


“Cashmere has this amazing softness to it, and it’s also naturally temperature regulating,” explains Sonfield. “I love how light the material is; it’s the ultimate luxury.” Since the price for cashmere can be quite high, he recommends a throw instead of a full-blown blanket—but insists that it’s enough for the warming benefits.

Domino recommends:

Kilo Cashmere Throw by Naadam, $244

Made from an entire kilo of the rarest cashmere in the world, you get exceptional quality at a relatively inexpensive price point (for cashmere, that is).


Alpaca is the strongest natural fiber out there, and it also has the added benefit of being extremely soft. Definitely one of the more splurge-worthy materials available on the market, alpaca’s rich textures make it work perfectly as an accent decor piece you can also cuddle up with. “They’re definitely one of my top picks for winter,” Finer says.

Domino recommends:

Alpaca Sea Blue Throw by CB2, $129

Made in Peru with 100 percent alpaca, this cozy throw ups the fashionable factor with a pale blue hue and fringed detailing.


Defined by Sonfield as the perfect “indulgence” for the season, silk is extremely lightweight—but also incredibly insulating. “Despite how delicate it feels, silk is very strong and satin soft,” he says. “It’s very breathable and lightweight.”

Domino recommends:

Legends Sterling Throw by The Company Store, $159

Silk can be expensive and hard to care for on its own, so your best bet is a cotton-silk blend. This one has a rich, chic honeycomb pattern that adds a supple touch to the throw, which prevents the material from falling apart.

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