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Black and white is one of the easiest palettes to pull off—a monochromatic kitchen backsplash, a bathroom tile floor, or a living room rug can instantly elevate a space. But in a kid’s room, it’s a bit more contrived. Though parents tend to gravitate toward vibrant primaries or subdued pastels, little ones will love the intense contrast that black and white create. Plus working with such strict color parameters gives you more freedom to get creative with different patterns, textures, and layers.

Consider adding a simple geometric statement wall by drawing a diagonal line from opposite corners and making one half black, the other white. Or how about painting the room’s trim in a contrasting shade. Then, since it’s less intimidating to be adventurous with your design when working with just two colors, let the decor—from an alligator-shaped shelf to a foldable faux shearling chair—speak for itself.

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Cloud Patterned Shade with Ceramic Cloud-Shaped Base by Drew Barrymore Flower Kids, Walmart ($39)

This cloud-motif light is the full package: Its base is ceramic, its shade is cotton, and every other detail is thoughtfully considered—down to the cloth-covered cord. It even comes with an LED lightbulb. 

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Sweedi Bed with House Frame Headboard by South Shore, Walmart ($320)

Proof that minimalist design can still be playful, this simple but sleek bed frame has a charming house-shaped headboard that will remind your little one that they’re right where they’re meant to be: at home.

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Marshmallow Alligator Wall Shelf by Drew Barrymore Flower Kids, Walmart ($68)

Keep the floor clean of their belongings and let your kids build their own display with an alligator-shaped shelf that looks just as good on its own as it does filled with toys.

5-Piece Twin Bedding Set by Little Seeds, Walmart ($43)

Elevated polka dots are a kid- and adult-approved print. Lightweight and durable, this comprehensive five-piece set has everything you need, including fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, a comforter, and shams. 

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Mckennah Furry Yak Ottoman by Noble House, Walmart ($63)

Create a chill-out zone in their room with a comfy, furry ottoman. Bonus: Its part table, part companion.

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Children’s Sleep Trainer, Night Light, & Sound Machine Alarm Clock by LittleHippo, Walmart ($50)

Adorable and extremely practical, this gadget is hard to define because it does so much. It’s a sleep trainer, noise machine, night-light, and nap time, all rolled up into one. Its sweetest feature, though, is that it uses facial expressions and color to teach your little one when it’s time to sleep—and when it’s okay to get up. 

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3-Tier Black Rolling Storage Cart by Mainstays, Walmart ($40)

Storage in a child’s room should never be underestimated. It’s especially handy that this utility-inspired shelving unit comes on wheels so it can be moved easily from room to room.

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Round Fabric Storage Basket by Auchen, Walmart ($30)

Hardworking bins are an essential for an organized kid’s room, and a collapsible, waterproof canvas version works just as well as a hamper as a toy catchall. Beyond functionality, we love the playful A-to-Z print.