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If concrete floors have been on your mind lately (we wouldn’t be surprised, they’re like…everywhere), allow the next 29 floors you see to inspire and delight. All gorgeous, all statement-making, and all from Instagram, these floors will help you make sure your next decor move is a solid choice.


Where concrete may at first seem a bit cold, the use of warm woods here ensures this space is inviting.


Crisp white and a powerful statement overhead practically demand productivity in this stark space.


We get the feeling we’re in the most chic waiting room/lobby in the world…


Loving, eclectic touches bring an open, all-white room together with a sense of welcome and family.


Concrete floors provide an ideal canvas for the statement artwork and extra-luxe bedding in this deeply personal space.


We didn’t know concrete cabin was a look…but we do now.


Adding a punch of life and color from a bundled plant collection creates contrast and interest in an otherwise sparse space.


As if the set of a fashion shoot, these quiet concrete floors accompanying, unassuming decor allow the space to be filled with the character of others.


Beachside concrete floors fear no sand…


A powerful floor provides the perfect landing from which to get lost in a snowy view.


The ultimate versatility of concrete allows for layering on the look of years gone by.


A perfectly on-trend dining space that’s nothing short of must-try, based on decor alone.


A living space built for memory making leads seamlessly out onto the back patio, and concrete floors will never fear muddy feet.


A universally applicable shade allows a kitchen to serve as home office, in one continuous motion.


Think concrete floors won’t fit with your

bohemian decor

Think again.


Bachelor pad coolness is undeniable when leather and concrete join forces.


Wood accents add very welcome texture to the ultimate smoothness of a concrete surface.


Perfect proof that concrete floors don’t always require a rug…


The cutest of lighting demonstrates playing with height to add depth above a stoney surface.


Chic and inspiring, pairing black with concrete floors boasts commitment to an aesthetic.


Concrete floors offer the perfect canvas for a juxtaposition of vintage and modern.


Perhaps the coolest thing about concrete floors is how imperfections not only work, they’re also welcome.


Sometimes embracing the stark, cool climate of concrete floors is the only way to go.


Of course a concrete floor can handle a color pop.


Your personal art gallery will come to life quickly when set against a concrete floor.


The minimalist will have no trouble committing to the simple ideas here.


The flooring here makes the space seem vast, full of room to be creative and at home.


A covetable bedroom adds lush linens, geometric side tables, and the perfect piece of over-bed art to ensure a sense of cool/cozy.