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by Tomikka Anderson

Do you have a love for the timeless black and white color combination and are looking for ways to incorporate this beloved monochromatic theme into your home?

Maybe it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone by giving black and white flooring a try. A home should be a place where you express yourself not only in furniture and accent pieces but also in places where you least expect it. Which is why we have gathered 5 reasons you should NOT fear black and white flooring? Read on you might just give this trend a try.

classic and timeless    

The black and white color palette is the epitome of elegance and class. By pairing this combination on marble flooring to appear like a runner gives the exact touch needed for a dramatic entrance to your home.

neutrals are never boring

The union of these two neutrals is never boring unless you choose them to be. To avoid a bland appearance give your flooring a lift by placing it in a beautiful striped design.


Avoid the coldness and sterile illusion black and white can sometimes bring by creating a geometric pattern on your flooring. According to JK Rowling, “beauty is definitely geometry,” and with flooring it is no different.

avoid expensive purchases

Like most of us you have probably traveled far and wide in search of the perfect rug.  By merging these two colors and the use of a large Moroccan stencil on your flooring there will be no need for a mat or rug as done on this creative deck. 

compliment bold colors

Black and white is the perfect partner for any color so why not be bold and take your décor up a notch with a warm welcoming color such as yellow or teal.