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Shoreline Hotel Waikiki is total Instagram candy.
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Some people go to Hawaii for the surf. Others go for the sun. Never would one book their trip for the hotel alone… that is, until now. A sea of electric blues, fiery reds, and fluorescent pinks, the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki—a boutique stay in Honolulu—recently unveiled its new, design-forward look following an electric renovation led by BHDM Design. The seriously colorful hub is set to unveil the new look on July 19, 2018.

“We did a survey of other hotels in the area, and were surprised that so many of them were neutral,” says Dan Mazzarini, owner of BHDM Design. After six years in Waikiki, the management team decided it was time for a modern reimagining that spanned the color spectrum.“Hawaii is home to so many beautiful colors, plants, flowers, and wildlife… we took the colors of nature and put them through a neon filter—for our millennial-minded traveler. The result is like living in an eternal sunset of color.”

Forget the water, this Hawaiian stay is making major waves on land.

Fueled by the idea of “nature meets neon”—an aesthetic conceptualized in collaboration with Army of Moon People—the redesign included a colorful update to the Shoreline’s 135 rooms, mod custom furnishings, a 26-foot high “jungle wall” art installation in the lobby, and an updated pool deck with commissioned mural artwork. Cheeky neon “Aloha” signs and other fun features, like a fully-stocked, fruit-infused water bar, were also integrated into the design.

“Our goal [with the bold colors] was to walk the line between sophisticated and playful,” Mazzarini tells Domino. “Vacation is supposed to be fun and carefree, so while all your needs are met by the team at the property, we wanted to underline the feeling of making sure your trip as fun. ”

Peppered with subtle nods to the surrounding Hawaiian landscape, the lobby itself is a beaming amalgamation of familiar sights and scenes. Sculptures of native birds can be spotted in the rattan cage light fixtures, while just across the way, a large wall installation pays homage to local botanical life.

“We studied the actual flora and birds of Hawaii, many of which are represented in our 22′ high “jungle wall” installation: A white styrene cut leaf installation, that is up-lit with color-kinetic light at night,” explains the designer. “And the birds have been interpreted through cut-paper species, mounted to our custom cage-line rattan fixtures in the lobby.”

Sleek wingback chairs and pops of primary hues extend a contemporary feel to both the public and private spaces, while loud splashes of hot pinks give the rooms a photo-ready edge.

“Our colors are more shifted hues of primaries—think an Instagram filter: Bold pinks vibrate next to radish red…tones of Aqua, and Scandinavian blue. It was really the brightness of the islands that brought us to these colors,” notes Mazzarini.

Want to bring this rainbow bright look home? Nailing neon has little to do with eccentric taste, and everything to do with understanding the color wheel.

“I think that a lot can work if the chromas are similar, meaning the intensity of the color,” shares the designer. “My personal preference is in complementary colors on the color wheel (pink with teal, blue with orange-reds) and in triads of color (pink-yellow-blue), and to always set it off against plenty of white, so there is a place for the eye to rest!”

For first time visitors, the designer and his team developed 3D topographic maps of the islands to hang above the beds in each of the rooms. Though, if one were to get lost, the hotel’s fluorescent glow will surely show the way home.

Up on the pool deck, a hand-painted mural by California-based artist DJ Neff (who also designed the ombre wall by the front entrance) sets the scene for an Insta-worthy swim. Aware that there’s a fine line between tropical and tacky, Mazzarini prioritized handmade touches and materials—like the custom graphics for the rugs and drapes and Acacia wood cocktail tables in the lobby.

“Interpreting ‘tropical’ for our millennial audience meant our work had to have a maker-vibe to it,” he says. “We complemented the boldness of color with geometric shapes. The custom blue powder-coated end tables, yellow barrel wingback chairs, and angular wood paneling behind reception all blend geometry, color, and nature for a bold tropical backdrop second only to your fabulous vacation.”

Shoreline is located at 342 Seaside Ave., Honolulu—just steps away from restaurants, shopping, and Waikiki beach. While the hotel doesn’t officially reopen its doors until July 19, guests can still book their stay online.

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