New Orleans is known for buzzy Bourbon Street and over-the-top Mardi Gras parades, but the Louisiana city’s latest hotel is just the opposite. Maison de la Luz, the latest property from Atelier Ace (of Sister City fame), opened earlier this year across the street from the lively Ace Hotel as a laid-back and intimate refuge from The Big Easy’s wild side. 

“The historic bones of the building were stately, incredibly beautiful, and lent themselves to a more intimate, smaller-scale guesthouse,” says Kelly Sawdon, Atelier Ace’s chief brand officer. Studio Shamshiri transformed the interiors of the 1908 building, which was once a city hall annex, into a feast for the eyes: Bar Marilou is painted a fiery high-gloss red and furnished with deep green velvet seating; the breakfast bar is almost entirely wrapped in a large-scale navy and white modern-day toile; and the 67 guest rooms are swathed in lavender-gray tones for maximum relaxation.

In each room, bold saturated hues prove that the right paint color can transport you to another universe (or at least alter your mood for a moment). We asked Nivara Xaykao, a color expert at Benjamin Moore, to share the shades you’ll need to create the same dramatic flair in your home, plus a few tips. 

The Lipstick Red

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Courtesy of CB2

A glossy lipstick red coats the hotel bar from floor to ceiling, giving the space a vibrant, enveloping atmosphere. Velvet curtains in the same shade further add to the coziness, but the color is also full of energy. “If you’re going for drama, why not go all the way,” says Xaykao.

Paintswatch_Lipstick Red
Deep Rose, Benjamin Moore ($37)

The Classic Indigo

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Courtesy of Graf Lantz

In the breakfast bar, rich blue pops up everywhere, from the tented ceiling to the wallpaper and velvet banquettes. “An accent of deep indigo will flatter any room,” says Xaykao. “And next to a crisp white, it conjures the timeless charm of a classic toile.”

Paintswatch_ Classic Indigo
Midnight Navy, Benjamin Moore ($37)

The Dramatic Teal

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Courtesy of Birch

The Wes Anderson–esque lobby is painted a moody blue-green that feels especially luxe against the brass shelving that houses the guest rooms’ silk-tasseled keys. “Teal is a novel color that perfectly captures the opulence of the Art Deco period,” explains Xaykao. “It provides an elegant counter to black and white.”

Paintswatch_Dramatic Teal
Pacific Ocean, Benjamin Moore ($37)

The Silvery Neutral

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Courtesy of Sleepy Jones

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Courtesy of Parachute Home

Too many antiques can feel stuffy, but not here. Blue-gray marble panels and coordinating striped walls lend this curiosities-filled space a modern vibe. “A warm silvery gray paired with fresh white offers a stylish respite among lavish Art Deco textures,” says Xaykao.

Paintswatch_Silvery Neutral
Collingwood, Benjamin Moore ($37)

The Iron Accent

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

In a room that’s already filled with bold shades, from citrine to tangerine, it doesn’t hurt to keep the walls a pale gray. But contrasting trim is key to giving the space a bit of structure: “A little bit of blue can add extra weight to black, making it the ideal anchoring point in a room filled with sumptuous furniture and eclectic artwork,” says Xaykao

Paintswatch_Iron Accent
Black Iron, Benjamin Moore ($37)

The Lavender Dream

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson Courtesy of Parachute Home

Sleep experts often point out the need for calming colors in bedrooms, and this space is a good reminder that those soothing hues don’t have to be boring: “The barest hint of lavender-gray can deliver maximum ambience to a bedroom,” says Xaykao. Paired with a wavy blue velvet headboard and warm neutral floors, it’s just neutral enough.

Paintswatch_ Lavender Dream
Heaven, Benjamin Moore ($37)

The Backdrop Gray

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

Looking for the perfect pearly color to offset your bold collection of furniture, pillows, and rugs? “An off-white shaded with a touch of gray sets the right mood for cozy nooks and contemplative corners,” says Xaykao. One thing’s for sure: Maison de la Luz is packed with inspiration, whether you’re color averse or not.

Paintswatch_Backdrop Gray
Sidewalk Gray, Benjamin Moore ($37)

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