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Twin beds often make an appearance for a very specific, functional reason: Maybe your kids share a room or you’re trying to host as many guests as possible in your vacation home or you’re just tight on square feet. Sure, they’re practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty, too. 

We’re here to celebrate the visual impact of the double twin bed. The symmetry that the side-by-side provides is a grounding base from which you can mirror or mismatch to any degree. Whether you’ve styled them in alternate colorways of the same pattern or they’re identical down to the footstool, your statement will be made twice as strong. 

These seven rooms (and their coordinating accessories) prove that when it comes to twin beds, two actually is better than one.

Rest Nest

When opting for an almost-black paint, you run the risk of making a space dark and dungeon-y. The bedroom, however, seems to be an exception. It’s the one place you’re most likely to get away with a midnight hue, which can create calming vibes, even when you have a neighbor. 

Cottage Cute

In Leanne Ford’s guest home, antique Victorian beds add all the drama. While Noguchi Shop’s coveted lantern is on back order, Hay offers a similar (and less expensive) option. 

Opposites Attract

Including checkerboard patterns without creating an overly millennial space? Now that takes some skill. Duru Olowu has the magic touch, bringing in textiles from his collab with Soane to produce two completely different bedscapes that still feel like a pair. 

Scandi Sweet

Photography by Mariko Reed; Styling by Rosy Fridman

It’s not every day we find a children’s room that we want to re-create as our own, but let’s just say that cabana striped bedding is currently in our cart.  

Global Collector

We’d never think to pair gingham duvets with Oaxacan woven blankets, but the country classic has never looked better. Throw in a Scandi Svenskt Tenn roman shade and you’ve really got a little bit of everything. 

Le Mode Monochrome

If this Tuscany hotel room doesn’t convince you that twin beds aren’t just for children’s rooms, we don’t know what will. Silvery gray velvet bed covers with matching bolsters make this pair so sleek they’re almost chaise-like.

Decked Out 

Interior designer Cameron Ruppert didn’t mess around when designing this whimsical children’s room, which houses four. The symmetry makes the over-the-top space feel balanced.