10 Pantry Shelves That Aren’t Sad Stacks of Metal

Storage with style.

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Faced with limited cabinets, an overabundance of groceries, and precious countertop space, sometimes it’s crucial to call for backup, and by that, we mean additional shelving. Whether you’re regularly shopping at Costco or getting your fix in Whole Foods’ bulk bin section, it’s easy to amass too many things to fit in your kitchen’s built-in cabinets. Most basic metal pantry shelves admittedly aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing pieces, delivering function over form, but we found some pretty alternatives.

While basic black or metal wire shelves can have the temporary feeling of dorm decor, elevated options feel a bit more polished. Consider trying a colorful shelving unit or opt for one that boasts a sleeker structure. When you have a lot of stuff that needs a place to live, springing for a well-designed shelf makes even the most eclectic collection of pantry goods look purposefully styled. Below, shop our favorite storage shelves and learn how to keep your organization methods positively polished.

For your natural food market overflow

So you went a little overboard buying everything from ashwagandha to tocotrienols. It happens. This simple, sleek shelving unit makes a great place to stash your smoothie add-ins, and even your blender can find a home on one of the lower shelves.

For keeping appliances easily within reach

We’d never ask you to toss that panini press, so if your counter space is truly minimal and you can’t bear to part with your microwave, coffee maker, toaster, or any other large device, a shelf with a built-in countertop is a lifesaver.

For rolling your cleaning essentials wherever you need ’em

Never stress about corners where your mop can’t reach: When your storage shelves are on wheels, cleaning is a breeze. Keep your cleaning supplies looking, well, clean by storing them in wire baskets on these shelves.

For doing all the heavy lifting

HAY’s shelving unit draws inspiration from more purely industrial shelves, but in a baby blue hue, it feels positively fresh. Use it to hold your excess dinnerware, stack your plates and bowls, arrange your mug collection, and admire your newly decluttered kitchen cabinets.

For arranging your bulk bin buys beautifully

Your liter-size mason jars of walnuts, almonds, and cashews need to sit somewhere. This IKEA piece is designed for outdoor spaces, but it can also work in a kitchen or pantry. On its lower shelf, stash bigger, bulkier things like pet food and boxes of Costco snacks.

For keeping things perfectly Kondo’d

Just because you might keep overflow pantry goods in the garage doesn’t mean they can’t be arranged beautifully. On this pistachio-hued shelf, group snacks, tools, and cleaning supplies first by category and then by size to keep things nice and tidy.

For upgrading industrial style

Industrial-style shelves don’t have to look like they literally belong in a warehouse. The clean lines and sleek legs of this large unit provide ample space to store everything from excess paper towel rolls to bulk bin buys. To keep things looking clean, decant your pasta, oatmeal, and more into clear jars.

For extra storage wherever you need it

Even the tiniest spaces can be maximized for storage. This narrow cart can fit beside a fridge or stove and be filled up with everything you like to keep in close proximity. Think: coffee, tea, sugar, and, of course, Trader Joes’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning.

For a shelf that makes a statement

What could be more joyful than a bright pink shelving unit? To make these pastel shelves stand out, use white or clear bins to cut down on visual clutter as you fill it up.

For finally arranging your spices in sight

Designed by Swedish brand String, this peach-hued shelving unit has plenty of space for a substantial collection of spices, oils, and spreads. Best of all, it’s easy to affix multiple units together if you need a little extra room (hey, we’re not judging if you need four different types of extra-virgin olive oil).

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