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Chic furniture collections explicitly tailored for children’s rooms are hard to come by. Too often, the pieces are either cheap and flimsy, or over-the-top kitschy—which is why we’re so obsessed with The Inside’s latest project: a collaboration with online marketplace Maisonette.

Founded by Vogue alums Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, Maisonette offers a stylistic approach to kids’ products, bringing together the best in luxury brands and independent boutiques to help parents add style to their children’s lives. And of course, they brought this unique sensibility to the furniture line they created with The Inside.

“We love what Maisonette is doing in the kids’ space, and we share the same belief that kids’ furniture should be playful, accessible, and keep up with changing styles,”

Christiane Lemieux

, founder and CEO of The Inside, tells Domino. “The collaboration is so exciting because we are mixing gorgeous Maisonette branding with customization to create truly bespoke and special kids’ products.”

Born out of a gap in the market, the collection aims to fuse playful style with classic silhouettes. The 16-piece collection ranges in price between $149 and $999—which is arguably on the higher end for kids’ furniture, but with designs built to last and styles that your little ones won’t grow out of in a few months, this is one line worth the investment.

“I have children, and understand that everyone wants their children to have the same level of sophisticated design as the rest of the home… just smaller and cuter! My own children definitely helped to inform the way we designed this collection. Between fun prints, sweet shapes, and playful designs, [our] teams had imaginations running wild to match the youthful desires of children,” says Lemieux.

The collaboration, which launched on January 29 and is available to shop now on The Inside, was loosely based off themes the Maisonette and Inside teams personally loved for kids’ rooms. Think animals, checks, confetti—fun prints that are definitely kid-approved, but translated into subdued colorways that won’t clash with the rest of your home decor.

“In many ways, designing a kid’s room and an adult’s room are one and the same. I do think a little whimsy works for kids, but the items should stand the test of time because you want to make sure you are investing in something that will hold up. I also think you should design your child’s room so that if the door is open, it flows with the rest of the house,” says Lemieux of her preferred approach to decorating for little ones.

And speaking of investing, practicality was definitely at the forefront of the collection. These are pieces that are not only durable in the most literal sense of the word, but were created with the express intent of remaining furniture staples for years to come.

Inspired by the changing needs of kids’ rooms, it’s easy to see how one could translate this collection over many years. The items work perfectly against a more colorful backdrop for when the kids are younger. Then, by swapping out bright paint colors or wallpapers for something neutral, and incorporating more elegant accent pieces into the space, they work for the teen years too. Opt for items in the more classic colorways (like the pale blue and white checkered fabric) for furniture that will grow up with your kids.

“When I think about my own kids’ rooms, I think about longevity,” says Lemieux. “The best designs span the time from baby to teen. I think we accomplished that perfectly in this collaboration. Everything feels friendly enough for a little’s room, but will be timeless enough to get them all the way through.”

The Inside also recently collaborated on a furniture line in partnership with The Everygirl, which featured similarly classic styles and silhouettes. The underlying theme in both is the ease with which you can integrate the collections into your home, and get creative with various design aesthetics to make each piece feel truly personal. Which, according to Lemieux, is where the real enjoyment in decorating comes from.

“A child’s room is arguably the most fun to decorate!” she says. No arguments there.

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