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What if we told you play time wasn’t over? We may have missed our chance to live inside a real-life Lego house for a night, but we’re not ready to give up on our childhood dream of living in a toy-filled home just yet. And thanks to one super creative team of Italian designers, we don’t have to. Meet Stüda, a playful collection of modular furniture by Studio NINE that’s completely compatible with Legos.

Created in collaboration with Corian, the new Lego-friendly line (h/t Arch Daily) features three different modules (in the form of a credenza and storage cubes) that boast a studded surface to make decorating with the plastic bricks a breeze. Be it a friendly message, abstract masterpiece, or telling landscape, the design schemes and color combinations are essentially endless. So whether you’re a die-hard minimalist or self-professed maximalist, Stüda can adapt to just about any decorative scheme—all you need is a solid imagination to make it happen.

“Our office is full of AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego), so we simply listened to our needs,” says Paolo Bellisario, one of the studio’s three founders, on the inspiration behind the collection. “We simply wanted something creative, but useful; something we were using in our houses already.” 

Of course, the pieces are perfect if you’re a parent with mini-artists in-the-making running around the house (and if you’d rather admire their creations instead of trying to avoid stepping on them). That said, there’s no denying Stüda appeals to all ages. Children-at heart who have long been fans of the legendary toy brand will undoubtedly want the playful furnishings in their home ASAP, kids or no kids.

“Creativity has no age,” Bellisario tells Domino. “We believe that every age will have a different way of personalizing it. Stüda is not only for kids and we are sure that letting children and adults interact together around it could bring some stunning results.”

Basic in shape, yet customizable by nature, the simple modular pieces come in white or yellow, boast sleek steel supports, and are easy to clean. The pieces are currently being built by Italian manufacturing company, MOOW.

In the mood for a refresh? Consider this design-forward line the easiest (and most inspired) way to update your decor without ever dropping a dime.

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