9 Companies Making Your Custom Wallpaper Dreams Come True

Get the custom look without spending your whole paycheck.
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One-of-a-kind wallpaper sounds like the decorating equivalent of a caviar tasting menu, right? Actually, customization has become quite commonplace, and might be more affordable than you’d guess.

For various upcharges, many wallpaper companies invite you to make adjustments, such as bumping up a repeating pattern’s scale, moving the elements of a mural so that they fit perfectly in your picture molding, or matching the color of your vintage velvet sofa. Some offer alternative substrates, such as linen and grasscloth, and some will even work with you to create an original pattern or print one that you provide. 

You should consider a few things before embarking on the custom route. First of all, do you want a handmade product or a digitally printed one? “Digital prints are less expensive, but they also feel that way. Hand-printed wallpaper hangs better, looks less shiny, and feels richer,” says Susana Simonpietri, creative director of the interior design firm Chango & Co.

Second, how much time are you willing to invest? Collaborating with a company to alter a pattern or create an original one can take anywhere from two to 12 weeks, and you’ll need to play an active role in approvals along the way.

Finally, what’s your budget? Most companies list the cost of papers online, but keep their customization fees under wraps. To help, we talked to nine of our favorites in order to get you the inside scoop on what it takes to get the walls of your dreams.

Hygge & West

Are rooms styled with Hygge & West wallpapers on 90 percent of your pin boards? Yeah, ours too. Since 2008, this San Francisco team has been killing it with hand-screened patterns created by uber-popular designers like Justina Blakeney and Joy Cho (of Oh Joy! blog fame). The company already possessed our hearts… and then, co-founder Christiana Coop shared this: “Ultimately, we just want our customers to be in love with their wallpaper. If that means they need it in a custom color to work with their design scheme or at a different scale to work with their room size, we’re happy to jump on board and help out in any way we can.”

Custom colors: $300 upcharge, plus a 10-roll minimum.

Custom scale: $300 upcharge, plus $300 per color, plus a 10-roll minimum.

Flavor Paper

Meet the wild child of wallpaper. Flavor Paper’s founder, Jon Sherman, “lives loud and loves art, so it only makes sense that we produce wallpaper that embodies those qualities,” says Kalin Siegwald, manager of creative at Flavor Paper.

The company offers hand-screened and digital papers with edgy patterns, mirror-finish backgrounds, and scratch-and-sniff inks that will have you constantly craving fruit salad. The Flavor family even provides free entertainment if you happen to walk by their Brooklyn workshop: The front windows allow pedestrians to watch the printing process in massive overhead mirrors.

Custom colors: It’s free to substitute colors from the company’s large library of inks. Custom color matching starts at $100 per color.

Custom pattern scaling and mural fitting: Typically free.

Original wallpaper: Contact the company with your idea to get a quote.

Elli Popp

Sometimes, pattern customization can get whimsical—like put-your-cat-on-it whimsical. Katja Behre, creative director of Elli Popp (which is based in London but ships worldwide), says clients love adding photos of their pets and children to the celestial bodies in her outer space-themed mural, “From the Earth to the Moon.” She’s also happy to make more practical changes to any of her dreamy, digitally printed designs, such as shifting elements to accommodate an archway in your room.

Custom colors: Upcharge starts at 50 GPB (about $65).

Custom scaling and other design adjustments: Upcharge is 10 to 95 GBP (about $13 to $124) per square meter.

Original wallpaper: Contact the company with your idea to get a quote.


This handpainted wallpaper is the ultimate luxury. Even if you don’t opt for customization, every Sarkos panel is inherently one-of-a-kind because it wears the unique brushstrokes and drips of its maker. Stephanie Dedes Reimers, who works in Brooklyn alongside her co-founder husband, gets inspiration for her subtle, often gold-flecked designs from favorite moments in her native Greece—“Be it the sun setting on the mountainside just south of our village, or the feeling of buoyantly floating in the sea for an hour straight.”

Custom colors: Upcharge starts at $450, including two rounds of up to three strike-offs (test swatches).

Original wallpaper: Contact the company with your idea to get a quote.

Juju Papers

If you ask Avery Thatcher, the founder of Juju Papers, ordering handmade wallpaper is similar to commissioning a special painting or sculpture. It should be “something you plan to have for a long time, something you invest in,” she says. Her patterns run the gamut, from subtle polka dots and bold botanicals to barn owls inspired by folk art. She and her small team in Portland, Oregon screen-print onto sustainably harvested papers using earth-friendly inks.

Custom colors: $20 upcharge per roll, plus an eight-roll minimum.

Original wallpaper: For a 100 percent original pattern, the design fee starts at $2,000—not including setup fees and the cost of wallpaper.

New Hat

Founders Kelly Diehl and Elizabeth Williams have made collaborations with homeowners, business owners, and design professionals the heart of New Hat (and the company just released their first collection of readymade wallpaper, too).

“We are artists first and foremost, with personalities that crave new compositions, new materials, and new problems to solve,” says Diehl. Specializing in bespoke wallpapers, most of which are hand-printed by their friends at Grand Palace Silkscreen, keeps the Nashville duo energized, and also speaks to their values. “We like that custom work rebels against the cheap/fast/trendy product-driven world by focusing on concept, personalization, and quality,” says Williams.

Custom colors: $750 upcharge, plus a minimum of five double rolls.

Custom scale: $750 upcharge, plus a minimum of five double rolls.

Original wallpaper: For a 100 percent original pattern, the design fee starts at $2,000—not including setup fees and the cost of wallpaper.

Wallpaper Projects

Newlyweds David Jimenez and Amanda Dandeneau transitioned from photography to wallpaper design and custom digital printing back in 2014, but they can’t resist the tools of their former trade. To create the abstract patterns for “Silver Studies,” their most popular line, they drip various chemicals onto photo paper coated with a silver emulsion.

“There are a lot of beautiful accidents that happen throughout the process,” Jimenez says. The Brooklyn-dwelling duo also carries exclusive designs from fellow artists they admire, and they can print patterns supplied by their clients on just about any substrate, including linen and mylar. 

Custom colors: $200 upcharge.

Custom scale: Typically included in the setup fee of $150.

Original wallpaper: Contact the company with your idea to get a quote.


If you want your room to feel like a watercolor landscape (who wouldn’t?), Eskayel has a wallpaper for you. Shanan Campanaro, who founded the Brooklyn-based company in 2008, soaks up inspiration from natural objects and her own travel snapshots, and then makes paintings that evolve into digitally printed patterns.

“When I was in Belize, I took photos of specific palm trees on a tiny island we stayed on for a few days to paint later when I was back in my studio. That’s where all the palm trees in the Cocos pattern come from,” she says.

Custom colors: $300 upcharge, which includes one strike-off (test swatch).

Custom scale: For repeating patterns, upcharge starts at $300. For murals, a drop-down menu on the website lets you choose your ceiling height. Every vertical foot adds about $50 to the cost per panel.

Original wallpaper: For a 100 percent original pattern, the design fee starts at $800—not including the cost of wallpaper.


You’re no doubt familiar with this North Carolina company’s online fabric-printing service. Now, if you’re the DIY type and the least bit computer savvy, you can upload original artwork and produce digitally printed wallpaper that arrives at your door in about a week.In addition to the custom-printing platform, Spoonflower has a marketplace with more than 750,000 designs. If you like, you can connect directly with the creators about bespoke color ways and scales. 

Huge bonus: The company offers woven, peel-and-stick wallpapers that “are easy to put up and just as easy to take down, making them a dream for homeowners and renters alike,” says Allison Sloan Polish, Spoonflower’s president.

Custom wallpaper: $2.25 and up per square foot.

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