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We’re all for affordable options for small spaces, but sometimes, the quality of a wood-like piece of furniture fails to impress. Our new obsession? Cardboard-made options… and yes, you read that right.

But this isn’t just regular cardboard: Introducing Australian furniture company Karton, whose first stateside store just hit Brooklyn last month. Nadav Baker, USA director of the brand, explains to Domino, “We were really drawn to the recyclable, light, eco-friendly aspect. It’s lightweight, so it can be taken up the stairs of walk-ups, and easily disassembled and taken away when it’s time to move.”

So renters, take note: Not only is the furniture easy to move around, it’s also extremely durable. “We don’t use the kind of cardboard you think of when you think of cardboard boxes,” explains Baker. “We use super high grade, corrugated cardboard, and we show on our site how it can sustain the weight of over 20 people. It’s also very easy to assemble, with no glue or tools required.”


Karton’s new showroom in New York also makes sure to showcase the minimalist feel of the brand. With products ranging from bookcases and side tables to full-blown beds and desks, each piece of furniture features clean lines and a lovely, woody aesthetic. The fresh brown would go with almost any room, but the furniture also comes in some whites for the more adventurous. “We’ve also seen a lot of people love to paint our products,” says Baker. “It’s a really fun activity for the kids, and I think people really like the DIY aspect of it.”

Prices are surprisingly affordable, ranging from $59 for a nightstand to $229 for a bed—which Baker insists is the point. “In Australia, we get a lot of college and university students, young renters, and even public libraries buying our products, and we also saw a huge demand for this type of furniture in the states,” he says. “But I would say the furniture is so durable, it can even serve as an investment piece and last for many years.”

The straight lines, neatly packaged instructions, and gorgeous color can work in any space, from a tiny studio to even an office. “I definitely have some Karton both in my home and office,” says Baker. “I really like the aesthetic, and because the material is so durable, I am able to hold all my files in them without any issues. And people can style it easily, since the furniture is so simple, minimal, and unobtrusive. It seems to sit well with all colors.”

So, if your resolution for 2018 is to save money and help the environment, Karton could help you kill two birds with one stone.

Karton is located at 390 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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