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Same-day delivery is all the rage in retail right now: Target rolled out the service earlier this year, and Amazon has had varying degrees of same-day delivery for a while now, via the Prime program. But while it’s becoming more commonplace to see grocery and small household items being shipped in under 24 hours, having a furniture brand do it is a whole different story. Which is why, when mid-range furniture company Floyd announced it was rolling out the service across the country, we were definitely excited.

For the uninitiated, Floyd is a Detroit-based, direct-to-consumer brand whose particular brand of business follows a highly specialized model. By this, we mean that there are literally only three items to choose from—a bed, a table, and the most recently-launched side tablebut each item is paid the utmost attention. Floyd therefore tackles the problem of disposable furniture by curating a tight collection of quality items in timeless silhouettes that are easy to assemble and built to last.

Seriously: You don’t even need tools to put your Floyd pieces together, and the side table can be assembled in five minutes. Win-win.

“The only thing we really have in common with traditional furniture companies is that you sit, sleep, and eat on our products; otherwise, we’re pushing to completely change the experience of how people think about keeping furniture,” Kyle Hoff, CEO and co-founder of Floyd, tells Domino. “Floyd began out of a reaction to the disposable furniture culture. We believe furniture should be for the home, not the landfill.”

Now, the company is making moves to make its products even more marketable. Following a test drive in New York, it’s rolling out same-day delivery in cities across the country, and is starting by adding San Francisco and Los Angeles to the list. It also has plans to expand the service to Chicago and Portland by the summer. And while speedy delivery may not seem particularly revolutionary for a national company, it is when you consider the fact that no other company on a comparable scale is doing it yet.

So, how is Floyd able to? “It starts with having a lean supply chain, and being the expert in only the handful of products that we sell—allowing us to move quickly and incorporate design feedback in real time as we bring our products to market,” explains Hoff. “Our regional US-based supply chain and fewer SKUs allow us to be nimble with product distribution, fulfilling [it] from cities, rather than shipping from centralized hubs.”

TL;DR: A tightly-controlled manufacturing process, coupled with a smaller selection of product, allows Floyd to be more efficient in the way it produces and disseminates its items.

And while this news is big, Floyd isn’t showing any signs of slowing down innovation in the furniture industry: The company is adding a desk to its selection of items too, which is set to launch first week of May.


Just like the other products, the desk will ship flat. Customers will have the option of receiving their furniture between 4 pm and 9 pm—so, you won’t have to worry about rushing home from work in the middle of the day to sign for a delivery or having a thieving neighbor steal your new furniture from the lobby of your building.

“One by one, we’re designing essentials for the home to be simple to assemble and disassemble, and built to last,” says Hoff. “Furniture should be a simple, enjoyable experience!”

Don’t live in one of the cities where same-day delivery is currently available? You can still get the sleek, minimalist pieces delivered to your doorstep in a regular delivery timeframe. Here’s to holding out hope that Floyd expands this cool service nationwide.

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