This Bakery Delivers Healthy Treats to Women on Their Periods

The hormone-boosting sweets from the new Moon Cycle Bakery feature a variety of unique ingredients.

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PMS symptoms can be the worst—bloating, cramping, and sugar cravings galore. And often, the treats women crave on their periods wreck the most havoc, thereby causing even more uncomfortable results—which is definitely not the vicious cycle you were expecting when you popped that brownie. But what’s the solution when those cravings can be so damn hard to resist?

Enter Moon Cycle Bakery. Launching tomorrow, December 15, this unique online shop isn’t like your regular bakery—in fact, it’s designed specifically for that time of the month. Founder Devon Loftus tells Domino, “I wanted women to fill their bodies with goodness as much as their souls. Because of this, I decided to team up with experts Katie Lemons from Twist of Lemons and Alyssa Melody from Root & Bones to create Moon Cycle Bakery the way it deserved—with integrity, love, and healthy alternatives that satisfied and soothed their cravings.”

The bakery will start taking orders on launch day, and users will get a choice of three treats—Raspberry Black Bean Brownie with Primrose, Coconut Matcha Bite, and Chocolate Cup Sweetened with Honey and Ginger—with other options soon to come. Each sweet baked good contains ingredients that support women’s hormones and PMS symptoms, without compromising on taste.

“Studies show that ginger, when eaten two days before your period and continued through the first three days of your period, can have the same effect as an NSAID: It can drastically help decrease cramping,” Loftus elaborates. “Increasing magnesium in the diet during the second half of the menstrual cycle, when both estrogen and progesterone are elevated, can help relieve PMS-related symptoms, such as headaches, bloating, constipation, low blood sugar, dizziness, fluid retention, and sugar cravings. Luckily for us, cacao is high in magnesium, so you’ll see cacao in several of our treats.”

Another interesting addition to the guilt-free pastries? Adaptogens, which are traditional Chinese medicine herbs that assist with stress response. “They increase adaptability to environmental stress and decrease cortisol (the stress hormone), and they also prevent neurotransmitter depletion—think serotonin, dopamine, and GABA;  the things you need to stay in check to keep you happy,” says Loftus. “They are deeply beneficial during our cycles when our bodies are in stress and our hormones are imbalanced.”

Starting tomorrow, you can place your orders on Moon Cycle’s website and choose from a number of different options, depending on your needs. Currently, the site offers the crescent moon, consisting of a single treat, for $5; two treats or the half moon for $10, and the full moon or three treats for $15. All prices include shipping upon subscription—and Moon Cycle ships nationwide—with the first orders to be sent out in February.

In addition to this, Loftus has also decided to go even further to create a truly personalized experience for her clients—through the Moon Cycle app. Set to launch in the new year, the Android- and iPhone-compatible app will allow clients to track their periods and treat preferences, as well as set up a subscription.

“For subscription orders, you’ll be able modify your package, change your treats, and skip a month on a monthly basis. You would sign up annually, but can cancel any time throughout that year,” says Loftus. “You can set up a subscription service if you don’t want it tracked with your period as well—you would just choose a day of the month for your treats to be delivered. We also offer a one-time order for people who don’t have regular periods or don’t get a period, but want to dedicate themselves to a moment of self-care.”

Loftus truly believes that women can feel empowered and happy during what is oftentimes considered the most dreaded portion of the month for them—and even help their hormones should they not get regular periods.

“Our mission is to encourage individuals to celebrate the magic that lives within their cycles. We know this time of the month can be challenging, but we also know this time offers enhanced creativity, a stronger connection to our intuition, and an opportunity to shed layers, both literally and figuratively. Our hope is that Moon Cycle Bakery treats will remind us to honor ourselves, our cycles, our power, and our magic.”

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