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Dedicated cat owners are always looking for the latest and greatest in things for their felines, especially when it comes to cat furniture. There are plenty of unfortunate scratchers and condos on the market that doesn’t appeal to the discerning pet owner. Plus, what are they to do when their cat inevitably becomes bored of the monstrosity in their living room? A Taiwan-based company called A Cat Thing has a couple of solutions to this problem with their sleek and stylish cat furniture that will complement any modern decor. But best of all, the cardboard pieces are modular and allow for different variations of mazes and kitty condos.

A Cat Thing calls their first eco-friendly series Room Collection, and it features four different-shaped boxes. Inspired by prefab buildings and LEGOs, the pieces are a cube, rectangle, triangle, and another angular seven-sided shape. They can be stacked atop one another, set side-by-side in a long row, and built into impressive structures. For a curious feline with a short attention span, these boxes will keep them constantly entertained. Plus, they’re secure—the designers used principles of origami that can hold the different sections together without the use of tools.

Tawain-based company A Cat Thing has created modular cardboard cat furniture that can be configured in many different ways.

This story was originally published on My Modern Met.

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