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If you love accessorizing your canine companion with the likes of a trendy green harness or tie-dyed leash, there’s one item you shouldn’t overlook—where they rest their heads. Of course, as a pup owner, you know the nap-time drill: Perhaps there’s a bit of burrowing, a whole lot of circling, or getting in a full stretch. However your dog prefers to lounge or catch z’s, whether it’s with a toy between their paws or not, they deserve a bed as chic (and comfy) as your own. The best dog beds are the ones that pets can enjoy and owners won’t mind having out—a few of our favorites include a punchy pattern, neutral color, and design that could easily double as a floor cushion. Tested and touted by Domino editors and their furry friends, the six picks, below, have proved to be as cozy as they are stylish. 

Our Favorites

The Playful One: Dusen Dusen Landscape Dog Bed

Dusen Dusen Multi Pattern Dog Bed

Size options: One size (36-by-27-by-4 inches) | Machine washable: Yes | Materials: Cotton base, acrylic trim, polyfill insert | Removable cover: Yes 

What we like:

  • Color-blocking, fun patterns 
  • High-quality materials
  • Free shipping and returns 

Worth noting: 

  • To clean, remove the cover and wash alone with cold water, then flip it inside out to dry 
  • Stock goes in and out at Nordstrom 

Why we chose it: A modern bed that can easily double as a floor pillow for humans. 

In the home of our deputy photo editor, Andie Diemer, this bed in black and white check is a new favorite. Though originally intended only for her 20-pound rescue, Milly, it’s often commandeered by her feline friend. “We’ve been keeping this bed a close but safe distance from our fireplace and have logged a lot of time snoozing and stretching in maximum coziness,” notes Diemer. “If Milly gets up, our cat, Penny, will claim the bed within a few minutes. They haven’t learned to share it at the same time, but we’re working on it.” With two pets lounging in this playfully patterned spot, the embroidered cotton, though lovely to look at, does tend to collect some fur. Her washing experience, however, has been nothing short of extremely simple. “The materials are quality, and you can also spot-clean as needed,” she adds. It’s obviously a good fit for smaller and medium-size breeds, but Diemer suspects it may not be as comfortable for the largest good boys out there. 

The Architectural One: Tuft & Needle Dog Bed 

Desert Sand Tan Dog Bed

Size options: Small, medium, and large | Machine washable: Yes | Materials: Cotton and polyester fill | Removable cover: Yes 

What we like:

  • Durable fabric that should last
  • Grips underneath keeps bed in place
  • Removable top cushion, perfect for taking along on a trip (or if your pup likes to follow you into every room) 

Worth noting:

  • Heavy altogether 

Why we chose it: A structured frame that stays in place, with a removable cushion. 

Associate style editor Julia Stevens loves her roommate’s dog, Jack, as much as if he were her own. “Having a dog bed in your living room can be an eyesore, so we wanted something to blend in with the rest of our furniture,” shares Stevens. “The Desert hue pairs perfectly with our jute rug and beige sofa, almost adding the same soft note to the room as a floor cushion would; except this one is just for Jack.” 

The lighter colorway is also perfect for hiding his stray hair, which can come loose after a few pats, and the cover is easy to wash (fellow city dogs who regularly have their paws in puddles, take note). As a 70-pound pupper, the large bed was their best bet—it’s the perfect amount of room for both him and his favorite toys. “He likes to hang out in it all the time, whether he’s sleeping or just lounging and having deep thoughts,” says Stevens. “But his dog bed won’t ever compare to the cushiness of a real bed, as this one is more firm than fluffy. If your dog is all about a soft cushion that they’re going to sink into, this one might not be the right choice.” 

The Minimalist One: Fable Dog Bed 

Fable Dog Bed

Size options: Extra-small/small, medium, and large/extra-large | Machine washable: Yes, but hang dry | Materials: Microfiber and memory foam insert | Removable cover: Yes 

What we like:

  • Waterproof, stain-, scratch-, and UV-resistant cover 
  • Resists fur
  • Soft and breathable material

Worth noting:

  • Arrives flat-packed; allow for it to fluff up to its normal size over the course of a few hours 

Why we chose it: An indoor-outdoor option featuring a no-frills design in neutral colors. 

Our deputy commerce editor, Samantha Weiss-Hills, loved Fable’s new dog bed line on first impression. However, her 10-year-old beagle-corgi mix, Elsa, needed a little extra time to get used to it. After a few weeks (and much encouragement), she finally took a liking to the minimal, cushy bed, especially after it was placed in her crate, where she loves to sleep. “She naps and sleeps on it, but it’s not really her chilling spot,” says Weiss-Hills. “That’s the sofa, and there’s just no replacing her corner.” The neutral color options won’t steal attention from the surrounding decor in your home, but rather seamlessly blend in. Weiss-Hills ultimately landed on mineral gray (it doesn’t show Elsa’s cream and tan fur). An easy zip-off cover that can be thrown in the wash gives way to a high-resilience, human-grade shredded memory foam interior (in Weiss-Hills’s words, “very cushy”) designed to support a restful night’s sleep.

The Accordion One: Tensira Kapok Mattress Rectangular 

Indigo Kapook Mattress

Size options: One size (26-by-54 inches) | Machine washable: No | Materials: Cotton and kapok

What we like:

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Made with all-natural materials 

Worth noting:

  • Dry-clean only  

Why we chose it: This lightweight, comfy bedroll can be folded into any size. 

In the office of Domino’s head of brand innovation and creative studio, Megan West, you’ll find her dog, Gemma, laying atop Tensira’s kapok mattress. This unique alternative to the archetypal dog bed features a cotton exterior and hand-filled kapok interior (a naturally 100 percent hypoallergenic, silklike fiber that translates into ultra-luxe comfort). And there are plenty of eye-catching, hand-dyed colors (gray, red, and green stripes, to name a few) to choose from, but we recommend the brand’s signature indigo punctuated with warm white and coral stripes. “She loves to lay on it when the vacuum is on, guests come over, it’s thunderstorming, and it’s directly in a sunny spot,” says West. Fold it up for extra cushion, store it away when not in use, or lay it flat for ultimate stretches.

The Cozy One: Ethical Pet Sleep Zone Dog Bed

Cocoon Amazon Dog Bed Suede

Size options: One size (22-by-10-by-17 inches) | Machine washable: Yes | Materials: Faux suede, cotton, polyfill insert | Removable cover: No 

What we like:

  • 100 percent recyclable fill 
  • So, so soft 

Worth noting:

  • Best for dogs under 25 pounds  

Why we chose it: A soft, cocoonlike structure perfect for pets that like to burrow. 

The faux suede exterior of this shell-like, sleeping bag–esque bed is what Dizzy—photo director Linda Denahan’s pup—loves to curl up in. “My dog is always burrowing (under blankets, under coats, under beds), so she loves that this option is like a little cave,” says Denahan, adding that its small size soaks up next to zero square footage in her Brooklyn apartment. “She chills both in it and on top of it, depending on her mood, and often leaves her toys in there.” Although there isn’t a cover you can unzip and remove, Denahan promises that each time it has been through the wash it has puffed right back up to its normal shape and size. 

The Goes-With-Anything One: Parachute Canvas Dog Bed

Canvas Dog Bed by Parachute

Size options: Small or large | Machine washable: Yes | Materials: Cotton and polyester fill | Removable cover: Yes 

What we like:

  • Brass zipper
  • Made in the U.S.  

Worth noting:

  • Dryer balls are preferred over dryer sheets  

Why we chose it: A low-key, cozy addition to your home. 

Managing editor Erin Scottberg describes the Parachute dog bed as “less traditional, more floor pouf,” especially since she uses it more than her 40-pound Doberman-dachshund mix, Sunny. It took a few weeks, but Sunny finally warmed up to it, curling up on her own to relax without coaching (read: putting her favorite blanket on it). “When she lays on it, it flattens pretty quickly and she easily takes up the whole space,” notes Scottberg, adding that the large size would have been better than the small. The neutral, stonewashed cotton color will fit into many homes’ decor, and it’s an ideal addition to Scottberg’s earth-toned scheme. Other bonuses: a water-repellent shell and hypoallergenic filling. 


  • The Casper Dog Bed, consisting of memory foam wrapped in nylon, is a high-quality purchase for a pet of any size, though we don’t love the super-visible logo. 
  • The Piazza Large Wrangler Tufted Dog Bed offers a micro-velvet cover in contemporary prints and colors, as well as a handle to tote it around with.  
  • Treat your pet like royalty with the Whom Alpha Pet Bed, which we think looks more like a sleek throne; it’s one of the best luxury dog beds.  
  • Designed to look as good as your very own sofa, the Annie Selke Dog Bed is essentially a quilted mattress topper with a fun striped removable cover.  

How We Chose These Products

We asked every dog-owning editor at Domino about the bed they use at home, or sent them a brand-new one for their canine companions to test over the course of a few weeks. When compiling our list, we took the following into consideration: overall style, size options, maintenance, and comfort, prioritizing materials and designs that were cozy (but durable!) and looked cute, too. 

Our Shopping Checklist


During our search, we found that the most common sizes can be summed up as small (usually a good fit for breeds under 25 pounds or puppies), medium (suitable for those under 60 pounds), or large (for those up to 95 pounds). This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of situation, unless, of course, you give the kapok mattress a try. What’s best for a tiny terrier is often not suitable for large retrievers or even bigger breeds, and you’ll need something that falls under an extra-large category for the Newfoundlands in your life. Though, in the case of our editors’ pups, the safest choice is going oversized, especially if you find yourself fighting for space on the couch when you both want to sprawl out at the end of the day. It only makes sense, then, to provide them a cushy spot on the floor, where they can stretch out or curl up without spilling over, so look for a length about 6 inches longer than your dog.


Our favorite dog beds are pretty simple in shape—rectangular, platform-like pillows (think: mini mattresses) that are versatile and generally more design-forward, though they aren’t the only option available. Bolster beds are another popular style, available in either a square or circle, and feature raised sides around a cavernous center; they sort of resemble a pet-size sofa. Some have taller sides that wrap all the way around, like a doughnut, giving your pup a hug in bed form. There are metal and wood frames, cocoon-like shapes for nervous pooches that like to hide, throw blankets for dogs on the go, and more. 

Material Options 

For a dog bed, velvet may match your sofa’s throw pillows, but it’s not exactly washing machine–friendly. And while linen may be cool to the touch, it can easily get caught in a paw claw. That’s why we advise sticking to fabrics that can take on muddy paw prints, shedding seasons, and drool. In other words, those that are durable and easy to clean—cotton, nylon, and microfiber blends, to name a few. On the inside, think about if your pup prefers to sleep in supercushy places or on firm, plain floors; this can mean the difference between memory foam or polyfill.  

General Upkeep  

Who doesn’t love being able to throw something in the wash without a second thought? Nearly every pick on our list features a removable cover that can be tossed in with your regular laundry load, though there are a few that shouldn’t be added to the dryer afterward (you may have to let it air-dry). Be sure to check the manufacturer instructions first. 

Ask Domino

Q: Where should I place my dog bed?  

To keep the best dog beds looking fresh, put them in direct sunlight. This keeps lingering dust mites at bay (and most pups we know love to bathe in the sun). Otherwise, the best place for your dog bed is wherever your pet is most comfortable—our bet, that’s close to you—or perhaps in their crate/kennel, if it’s a safe space. 

Q: Muddy paws, wet bellies, hiking remnants: How often should I clean my dog bed? 

The answer is sooner than you probably thought—most likely every other week. Think about it: How often do you change your bedsheets? You may give your buddy plenty of baths, but a clean bed can mean the difference between skin irritations and a glowy coat. And who wants to make an unnecessary trip to the vet? According to Chewy, an online pet product retailer, “It is recommended to wash pet bedding once every one to two weeks. If anybody in your home suffers with pet allergies, your pet sheds a lot, or [they] spend a lot of time outdoors, then you might want to wash the bedding more often.” Other daily maintenance includes spot treating any stains and vacuuming regularly. 

The Last Word

The majority of pet beds are those you’d rather not have on display, but your beloved, four-legged family member has to have somewhere to sleep. Thankfully there are plenty of design-forward options that are still comfy enough for your pooch but won’t be an eyesore in your home. As the saying goes, let sleeping dogs lie.