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Courtesy of Pop TV

Every decade has that sitcom. Friends and Seinfeld ruled the ’90s, the 2000s had The Office, and these days, it’s all about Schitt’s Creek. After wrapping its sixth and final season this year, the comedy set a record for number of Emmy wins (nine!), making this week’s news even more exciting: The show’s infamous motel is about to be put on the market. 

Located in Orangeville, Ontario (about an hour outside of Toronto), the motel boasts eight apartment-style rooms, common spaces, and sprawling land. While certainly most well-known for its Schitt’s Creek connection, the property has a long and interesting history beyond the show. Over the years it has been used as a home for NBA-prospect basketball recruits, a film set, and even a ’60s-era party spot. 

We couldn’t help but dream about all the ways the place might be used in the future, so we decided to ask some of the most creative people we know—members of team Domino—how they would renovate the space if anything were possible. Their answers are not only inspiring but hilarious.

The Wedding Venue

I’d transform the central space into a lofty area and open up the wings to become guest rooms on one side and a restaurant and bar on the other. I’m envisioning the style as desert-modern meets Canadian country chic. Think: Kings Highway at the Ace but in the woods. A roadside spot for locals, with high ceilings, contemporary stained-glass windows, exposed beams, and sandy flagstone walls.

When it comes to decorating, I’m thinking modern furnishings: bentwood chairs, caramel leather banquettes, Eames pieces, and rustic wood stools made from Canadian timber. I’d set the tables with a mix of fine but contemporary porcelain from Richard Brendon Studio, and pair that with vintage mismatched glassware from Replacements Ltd. I would want cozy fur blankets and pillows to line the banquettes during the winter months, and a flower-cutting field in the back during the summer. The overall palette would be shades of greens and pops of caramel and orange. There would be a valet stand and the attendants would wear sage. I’d throw it back but keep it feeling fresh! —Benjamin Reynaert, Style Director

The Pantone Palace

I used to fear color and pattern, but now I love them as tools to turn any space into a vibrant and personable oasis. I’d turn the Rosebud Motel into my own experimental color zone aka the Pantone Palace. I’d mix tones to create unexpected color combinations wherever possible, like lavender and green or red and blush. Ideally this would become my own Color Factory, with a twist of clean shapes and objects, like my DIY Donald Judd furniture. A perfect mixture of the two! —Madeline Montoya, Junior Designer

The Dog Hotel

I conducted some competitive research and found there wasn’t a hotel in the area specifically geared toward pet lovers and optimizing their vacation time to enjoy every moment with their pets. When you arrive at the beautifully landscaped, fully gated property, you will be met at reception by resident ambassador dog Schitt, who will show you to your room. Each space will have a unique theme geared toward dogs. The Ball Room will include bright primary colors and circular furniture, but will also have an array of built-in toys for your dog to enjoy. The Wilderness Room will be lush and jungly (pet-safe plants only!), with both human and doggie hammocks and a retractable roof so guests can sleep under the stars. The Squeaky Toy Room will come with human earplugs. Of course, cleanliness is a top priority, so durable fabrics and scratch-resistant floors are a must, and a percentage of proceeds will go to local animal shelters to help unite abandoned pups with their forever families. —Andie Diemer, Deputy Photo Editor

The Reading Retreat

If I had complete control, I’d turn the motel into a massive book-club space. Each of the guest rooms will be themed according to a different genre and have corresponding decor; for instance, the Sci-Fi Room will be complete with a high-tech sound system and mixed-metal finishes. The one feature the spaces will have in common? Wall-to-wall built-in bookshelves to explore during the stay. The rooms will be calming and library-esque—I’m picturing lots of ambience-setting floor lamps, overstuffed armchairs, and a crackling fireplace in the corner. Outside there will be a wraparound porch with swings and poufs, plus a firepit to roast marshmallows and swap ghost stories. The overall vibe? Chic camp for nerds. —Esmé Stern, Editorial Assistant

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