Gen-Z’s Favorite App Might Just Be the Best Place to Discover Organizing Products

Memes, animal videos, and…home goods?

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Lip-synching. Dance challenges. Self-referential jokes that, for new users, might be impossible to decode. These are all things that you can find on TikTok, the video-centric social media app that Gen-Z loves. But it also features product recommendations that can help you keep a clean house—wait, what?

First, allow me to supply some background information. This app, which has been the most-downloaded in the App Store for five consecutive quarters, has an admittedly youthful audience—one that, by and large, is of a teenage demographic. That’s why I was surprised to discover, amid the memes and animal videos that I watch for a good old hit of dopamine, one account devoted entirely to home goods. You see, user @lomile uses the app to share product recommendations from Chinese mass online retailer Ali Express—and the videos have amassed nearly 2 million likes.

Ali Express, for those unfamiliar, is a behemoth of electronics, home goods, cleaning supplies, clothes, toys—you name it. It’s intimidatingly massive, so of course there’s a need for curation. And @lomile does just that. With quick editing and background music typical of all the other varied videos you’d find on the app, this user showcases single products, from dish-drying racks to fancy fishbowls, all with the aim of spotlighting the things that otherwise might get lost in the never-ending wormhole that is the Internet.

Videos, after all, can showcase the purpose of a product far better than a single image can. Although this account appears to be the only of its kind (so far), don’t be surprised when your teen’s favorite app becomes the best place to look when you need a great product recommendation. For now, we’ll just sit back and watch these very, very satisfying videos—and maybe start getting into some of those TikTok dance challenges, too.

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Rebecca Deczynski


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