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If your mind is racing with anxious thoughts, you’re likely in need of a good distraction—and luckily on the Gen-Z-approved video-sharing app TikTok, there are many to be found. The trend that resonates with us the most: deep-cleaning and organizing videos.

The premise behind them is simple. Someone picks up a tarnished object at the thrift store (or unearths it from their attic) and gets to work polishing it, removing years of dirt and stains bit by bit. Or they blast grime off of concrete with a pressure washer. Or fold all of their plastic bags like origami to store them for future use. You can find plenty of these videos by scrolling through hashtags on the app like #OddlySatisfying or #Cleaning; here’s a taste below.

@icleanthingsThis thing is made of 2 different metals ? anyways gotta give the people what they want ##satisfying ##oddlysatisfying ##clean ##cleaning ##polish♬ death bed – Powfu feat. beabadoobee

If you’re feeling inspired, you might want to tackle an equally satisfying project in your own home. In just 10 minutes, you can tidy your underwear drawer, clean out your freezer, and reorganize your medicine cabinet. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of a job well done—and we won’t blame you if you feel compelled to document the whole process in a video either.

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