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Keeping your floors clean can seem like a Sisyphean task: As soon as you’ve swept and mopped, they start to get dusty again. This can feel like reason enough to give up and accept your floors in whatever state they may be in. For me, this was the impetus for a purchase. I bought a pair of house slippers.

Now they aren’t just any pair of slippers. Three years ago, I set my sights on a pair of pink pointed-toe Moroccan babouche slippers. They’re leather, with a super-thin sole, so wearing them is basically like wearing nothing at all—and they look cute, too. 

Immediately, I established a (reasonably flexible) no-shoes-inside rule for myself and began wearing my slippers like a second skin. Walking to and from my bedroom, meal prepping in the kitchen, even going down to the basement to do my laundry—I always wear my slippers., They have a sense of ease that other house slippers just can’t compete with. But best of all, they help keep my floors (and my socks) pristine for twice as long as before.

House shoes may not be a groundbreaking idea, but there’s certainly something to be said for a simple leather-soled pair that lasts for years. Now my floors are cleaner, my socks whiter, and my mind calmer. Hey, if the slipper fits!

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