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A toilet brush is one of those household essentials you can’t stand to look at yet need to have on hand. While it’s tempting to just turn a blind eye to the boring plastic holder hiding out in the corner, Maggie Berry, associate director of retail marketing for the Museum of Modern Art, wasn’t going to let an ugly brush come between her and her brand-new bathroom. “I was eager for one that was more useful and beautiful,” she shared with us at a recent breakfast celebrating MoMA Design Store’s upcoming collections. After an intensive web search led her nowhere, Berry had one last string to pull: “I figured I couldn’t have been the only one, so I made a request to our buying team to help solve my problem—they love a good challenge.” 

They came back with the Flex Steel Toilet Brush, a sleek canister that comes with a no-drip silicone bristle brush. After learning of Berry’s personal plight, we made it our mission to hunt down more stylish brush holders. These are our 12 favorite finds:

Acrylic Dried Floral Toilet Brush, Urban Outfitters ($29)

Your bathroom’s design will really flourish with this floral-filled stand (available for preorder for delivery in August!).

Charley Toilet Brush, Seletti ($84)

Why not match your toilet brush to your brass bathroom fixtures?

cb2 brush
Nexus Black Marble Toilet Brush, CB2 ($30)

An edgy cylinder of black marble will look extra-sharp against white subway tile. 

Ballo Toilet Brush by Norman Copenhagen, Danish Design Store ($80)

This smart design by Norman Copenhagen features a curved bottom, which allows it to wobble back and forth without falling over.  

Flex Steel Toilet Brush, MoMA Design Store ($30)

Meet the accessory that changed Berry’s bathroom for the better. According to her, its stainless steel shell is fingerprint-proof, so it will look pristine 24-7. 

Toilet Brush Set, Flotsam and Fork ($49)

Once you’re finished scrubbing down, set your brush aside to dry in this beechwood stand complete with a terracotta dish. 

Lazare Toilet Brush Holder, Habitat ($26)

If a bathroom covered in terrazzo tile isn’t in the cards, there’s always this speckled resin holder. 

Lovely Claret Cherry Shaped Toilet Brush, Amazon ($15)

We cherry-picked this holder for decorators who are currently obsessed with all things fruity. 

Cleo Free Standing Ceramic Toilet Brush Bowl Holder, agmHomeStore ($67)

Blush pink strikes again with this Belgium-made ceramic style.

Bath Toilet Wall Brush by Menu, Burke Decor ($100)

If your biggest qualm about the cleaning supply is that it lives on the floor, give this easy-to-mount holder from Norm Architect’s bath collection a whirl. 

Concrete Toilet Brush Set, Schoolhouse Electric ($84)

Featuring a concrete cup and simple birchwood handle, this Swedish option fits the bill for minimalists.   

Ceramic Bath Ensemble Toilet Brush design by Puebco, Burke Decor ($42)

Japanese brand Puebco incorporates recycled materials into every home item it makes. No two pieces, including this gridded ceramic brush bowl, are alike.

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