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Now that hibernation season is officially behind us, you may be feeling that familiar itch to begin spring cleaning. But after spending more than a year at home staring at the same old Swiffers and dust busters, it’s likely time to upgrade your tidying supplies once and for all. Here at Domino we’re partial to functional tools that can double as decor, and these days our editors can’t stop talking about Bürstenhaus Redecker, the German brush brand now available on Amazon

The company, which produces high-quality brushes made from domestic woods (think: beechwood and olive wood), bristles, and hair and plant fibers, has been around since 1935, offering everything from wild boar–bristle hairbrushes to pastry and vegetable brushes. Hang them from a utility pegboard or doorknob or prop them in a tumbler next to the sink and—voilà! They’ll look so good you’ll actually want to clean. Below, shop our 16 favorite finds on Amazon.

Dust Busters

Dish Washers

Shower Scrubbers

Floor Sweepers

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