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Ah, the lowly bath mat. Destined to an existence of being largely ignored underfoot and playing second fiddle to its fancier counterpart, the towel, allow us to make a case for a chic, plush bath mat. It gives an all-white bathroom a colorful boost and makes your post-shower experience that much more enjoyable. These 11 designs prove bath mats can be anything but ordinary. 

If You Want Wooden

Birch Bath Mat, Hawkins New York ($85)


Oh, what’s this, a Korean spa in your bathroom? Pretty much, thanks to this birchwood bath mat from the masters of sleek, Swedish design, Iris Hantverk. While it might seem like nothing but form, this gorgeous option has function too. The birchwood is naturally water-resistant and has sloped edges to keep water from accumulating. If that’s not enough to convince you, the feel-good factor will: each product is handmade by visually impaired craftsmen right in the heart of Stockholm.

If Money Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Sun Paint Rug, GUR (€95)

Some rugs are handmade, and then some are handmade. This rug from Portuguese brand GUR is handwoven on traditional looms—which means it can take hours, even days, to complete—and finished with hand stitching. It’s not specifically a bath mat, but the 100 percent absorbent cotton will do the trick and comes with a backstory too.

If You Like Things Black and White

Reverse Bath Mat, Society 6 ($29)


For those working with a specific color scheme, showcase a bath mat that is unusual and abstract. The Matisse-esque pattern would fit in any home that considers each product as an opportunity to celebrate your favorite colorway. It also happens to have memory foam cushion and a skid-proof backing, so it’s comfy and artistic-looking.

If You Support Handcrafted and Fair-Trade

Amina Bath Rug, The Citizenry ($45)

If you know the origins of where your food comes from, as well as your furniture and bedding, shouldn’t your bath mat follow suit? If you think so, then this fair-trade option was made for you. The cooperative that looms the rug (which takes a full day to complete) is located right outside of Marrakech and adds design details (like tassels) inspired by the region.

If You Prefer Minimalism

Cotton Pile Bath Mat, Muji ($12)

Leave it to Muji to make a bathmat that’s minimalist but not boring. This cotton-pile style could fit perfectly in a boho chic bathroom or a Japanese powder room—the possibilities are endless with this streamlined option.

If You Go for a Lived-In, Cozy Vibe

Moroccan Cross Bath Mat, Anthropologie ($62)

Your guests or significant other are likely to ask, “Hey, uh, can I step on that fancy carpet right out of the shower?” This option is so deceptive that it looks more like a Moroccan living room rug than a bath mat. Major hammam vibes right here.


If You Like Plush

Cirrus Bath Mat, CB2 ($25)

If you have one mission with your bath mat—softness—this plush, luxe design is for you. It practically doubles as a mattress, as it’s so thick and lush. According to some reviews, the chenille pom-poms feel like a little massage for your feet and that’s all we needed to hear… *adds to cart.*

If You Like to Walk on a Work Of Art

Mendocino Clay Bath Rug, Quiet Town ($62)

Brooklyn-based husband-and-wife founders of Quiet Town have made a name for themselves zeroing in the high-design world of a single, oft-forgotten room—the bathroom. They have four mats in a variety of bold colorways (from neon to desert hues to neutrals), but the Mendocino might be our favorite, inspired by the mountainscapes of the Pacific coast. While it might actually fit anywhere in your home, the quick-drying cotton and machine-washable material make it perfect for your washroom.

If You Have a Rebellious Streak

Torso Bath Mat, Cold Picnic ($60)

If your decor style is a bit tongue-in-cheek, this is your mat. Conceptualized by the design duo of Cold Picnic in Brooklyn, and handmade in India, these witty mats have something to say. Choose from either the playful Boob or the full Torso design–perfection for those who want some pizazz in their powder room.

If You’re a Germaphobe

Marbrasse Bath Mat, Amazon ($30)

You’ve probably heard that your shower has a lot of germs. If that’s all you can think about when stepping into your bathroom, go with a bath mat that will do the dirty work for you. This one is made of diatomite, a naturally occurring rocky soil that absorbs smell and moisture, with a texture closer to plasterboard than cloth. But that also means it’s easier to clean (simply run it under water)–as well as being fast-drying and antibacterial.


If You Want It All

Hudson Rug, Matouk ($84)

You want a bath mat that has comfort, flair, and quality? Matouk checks all three boxes. The mat is tightly woven with plush “stripes” that feel something like a cushy reflexology treatment. Handmade in Portugal and reversible (same pattern on the opposing side too)—this is the most all-encompassing of the bunch.

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