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9 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Shower Feel Like a Five-Star Spa

The best way to wind-down.

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Whether it’s your way to wind down at the end of a long day, or where you get started first thing in the morning, the shower is a place for you to enjoy your ‘me’ time. Even if you have just a few minutes to get totally clean, a few simple tweaks can transform your simple scrubbing into a spa-like experience—and who wouldn’t want that?

These nine tricks will make your bathroom the oasis you’ve always wanted it to be, without costing you a ton of money, time, or effort. Just don’t be surprised when your shower starts to become one of your favorite parts of your day.

Make the Most Out of Steam

Steamy showers are always relaxing, but a few aromatic additions can make them even better. Place specific herbs in your bathroom or use scented tablets for a spa-like steam treatment.


Aromatherapy Shower Tablets, Ulta, $7.50

Place a shower tablet at the edge of your shower, and as steam fills your bathroom, it will smell like super-calming lavender. They’re essentially bath bombs for people who don’t have time to take baths.

Try an Herbal Route

Desert Rain Creosote Bundles, Phoenix General, $8.5

These hemp-wrapped creosote bush bundles emit the distinctive scent of desert rain when they come in contact with moisture, giving your shower a southwestern-inspired sensory experience.

Get a Bath Mitt You’ll Actually Use

Loofahs and shower poufs are, unfortunately, pretty gross—and scientists have been saying this since the ’90s! But there are alternatives that can help you exfoliate your skin and get clean, without allowing any extra bacteria to take up residence in your bathroom.

Mesh Body Exfoliator, Luv Scrub, $18

No shower pouf can come close to the effectiveness of this West African innovation. The Luv Scrub stretches to up to 50-inches long, so you can actually scrub your back clean, it has a textured surface that gently exfoliates skin, and it can easily be washed after use, so it stays clean.

Swap Your Bath Towel for a Bath Sheet

Bath Sheet, Snowe Home, $48

Without a doubt, one of the best things about hotel stays is the access to big, fluffy white towels—and you have a right to enjoy that same luxury at home. Snowe makes bath sheets that are 70-inches long, so you can really wrap them around your whole body. Invest in two that you can alternate between, and enjoy the moment right after you’ve stepped out of the shower when you can cocoon within your new, cozy textiles.

Alternatively, Try a Turkish Towel

Mediterranean Organic Towel, Coyuchi, $58

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your showering experience without adding extra minutes to your time in the bathroom, a lightweight, fast-drying Turkish towel will help you to wick away moisture in a snap. They’re also less bulky than other towel options, so make a great choice for spaces with smaller storage solutions.

Buy a Better Bath Mat

Bath mats are a necessity to sop up any water that trickled out of your shower or off your body—so of course, they can wear out quickly. Replacing yours is an easy way to make your bathroom look and feel not just elevated, but cleaner.

Ishikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat, Rikuno, $76

This Japanese-made mat is made with quick-drying cotton that’s cushy to the touch. Just toss it in the washing machine when it needs a good clean.

Lateral Teak Natural Bath Mat, CB2, $69.95

Teak is naturally mold- and mildew-proof, so you don’t have to worry about this wooden option aging poorly. Its simple slats have a spa-like appeal, with the added bonus of being super-easy to clean.

Protect Your Hair From Humidity

The Ajax, Shhhowercap, $43

When you’re desperate to preserve your hairstyle, pulling it back in the shower simply doesn’t suffice. A shower cap is necessary to keep your hair entirely dry and unaffected by moisture in the air. Luckily, Shhhowercap offers totally contemporary-looking options that repel water, wick away humidity, and frankly, make it fun to wear a shower cap.

Invest in a New Showerhead

Velocity 2-Spray 8 in. Rainshower Showerhead, Moen, $196.88

Sad but true: there’s probably a ton of gross things in your showerhead, including mold and bacteria. When you swap yours out for a new one, your hair and skin will thank you. We recommend opting for a two-in-one option, so you can switch between a heavier rainfall flow or keep it calm with a single spray.

Bring in a Plant

Boston Fern Plant in 9.25 in. Hanging Basket, Home Depot, $21.98

Plants make any space feel more put-together and relaxing—you’re not imagining it! They also have air-cleaning abilities which makes them an easy way to improve the air quality in your bathroom, while also adding a pleasing design element. If you’re not sure what plant to pick, go for a fern—they thrive in shady, humid climates, so they’re a great option for bathrooms.

Keep It Clean as You Go

Daily Shower Spray Cleaner, Method, $2.99

Your shower should get a good scrub at least once a week, but if you’re busy, a daily cleaning spray can do a lot of good. As soon as you step out of the shower, spray its surface with this Eucalyptus Mint option by Method, and it will fight bathroom grime without requiring any in-the-moment scrubbing. Plus, it will make your shower smell really, really good—just don’t forget to give it an actual deep clean when you get the chance.