Everything You Need for a No-Construction Outdoor Shower

Build your own freestanding oasis.
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Taking a shower doesn’t seem all that luxurious until you do it outside. Only then, surrounded by lush greenery and drenched in sunlight, does the simple act feel gloriously indulgent. Most of us assume owning a rambling beach cottage is a prerequisite for building an outdoor shower, but that’s simply not the case. A freestanding option, like the sleek one by Zee, an under-the-radar Dutch brand making yard gear, allows you to transform any garden or patio into a personal oasis in seconds—no construction necessary.

The sculptural piece simply screws together and can connect to any garden hose. And instead of costing you $10,000, you can nail the setup for $900 (or way less, depending on the fixture you choose). Of course, before stepping under the running water in the open air, you’ll need a few small accessories to make it feel like the real deal—and hold onto a sliver of privacy. 

The Showers

Your freestanding shower doesn’t have to be anything fancy (both of these finds ring in around the $400 mark). While Seletti’s copper-and-concrete version is ideal for the aesthetically minded (it won’t distract from your beautiful rosebushes), the one with the wood base and little storage ledge is kid-friendly.

The Curtain

Part of the point of having an outdoor shower is for you to see the sky and the landscape while you bathe—not for others to see you. If you’re rinsing off sans swimsuit, block the view with a graphic shower curtain that’s hooked up to an indoor-outdoor clothes rack. 

The Mat

There’s nothing luxurious about standing in swampy grass or on hard concrete, so wherever you decide to set up your shower, put down a wood mat. This pick is crafted from the highest grade hinoki cypress from Japan, so it has an incredibly soft feel and an aromatic scent.  

The Storage

Stock this standing caddy with all your essentials, including a loofah and hairbrush, which can conveniently hang from hooks on the side. 

The Rinse

Combat dryness that can result from too much sun and chlorine with a juniper-rich shampoo, then follow up with a hydrating oil (a blend of jojoba, coconut, argan, and castor) that quickly absorbs, leaving your skin feeling ultra-soft.

The Dry-Off Station 

Once the spigot is turned off, you’ll need a towel in an easy-to-grab place, so mount super-simple hooks to the nearest exterior wall.

The Wardrobe

No need to struggle into denim shorts and a T-shirt when your skin is still damp. A cuddly waffle robe promises instant spa-like vibes. 

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