Published on January 10, 2019

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

’Tis the season for paring down and reevaluating the pieces we’ve accumulated throughout the past year. With spring-cleaning just around the corner, getting a head start can help take the sting out of the massive cleanup effort in store for us come March.

With the bathroom in mind, we’re looking to the easy swaps that will help us create a zen-like ambiance—changes that can uphold an element of functionality without compromising on style. Bulky wastebaskets, water glasses that double as toothbrush holders, and bathtubs lined with shampoo bottles will no longer be a potential eyesore

Read on for the design-forward, minimalist alternatives to bathroom essentials that will give your space the refresh it deserves.

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Courtesy of HAY

Ditch: Your Tattered Toothbrush

Try: Tann Toothbrush, HAY, $6

Simplicity is at the core of HAY’s design philosophy and naturally, it trickles down to every piece—toothbrushes included. Available in a variety of colors, this sleek rendition of the staple will bring a pop of color to your vanity.

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Courtesy of Good Thing

Ditch: That Sad Soap Bar

Try: Soap by Jasper Morrison, Good Thing, $32.72

No detail goes unnoticed in a minimalist scheme, and that certainly extends to soap as well. Pair this no-frills, transparent version with an equally streamlined concrete or marble soap dish.

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Courtesy of Tenfold NY

Ditch: Miscellaneous Clutter

Try: Nickel-Plated Brass Tray, Tenfold New York, $103

Limit the amount of clutter on your vanity by corralling your decorative accessories within a sleek tray. This lustrous version, and its reflective finish, is ideal for small spaces.

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Courtesy of Muji

Ditch: The Water Glass

Try: Porcelain Toothbrush Stand, Muji, $5.50

Muji’s take on a toothbrush holder is the personification of minimalism. Simply prop your brush in these colorful stands and relish in the ample sink space you have leftover.

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Courtesy of HAY

Ditch: The Junk Drawer

Try: Bits And Bobs Storage Container, HAY, $10

Gather your random odds and ends in these sleek vessels, ideal for containing hair ties, bobby pins, and various other miscellaneous trinkets. The opaque finish further helps conceal the contents inside. Bonus points for mixing and matching the multitude of available colors.

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Courtesy of Yamazaki Home

Ditch: The Bulky Bin

Try: Slim Trash Can, Yamazaki Home, $50

In a small space, every square inch counts, and round, bulky trash cans need not apply. Swap in this sleek number instead—it’s much more conducive to fitting in the tiny nooks and crannies of your bath.

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Courtesy of Umbra

Ditch: A Cluttered Sink

Try: Cubiko Mirror and Storage Unit, Umbra, $85

If you’re looking to bring in added storage, consider an option that comes with multiple points of functionality. This wall-mounted mirror, with its cleverly concealed shelving unit, will help keep clutter at bay and effectively out of sight.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie

Ditch: The Moldy Curtain You’ve Had Since Move-In

Try: Tufted Makers Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $66

A vibrantly patterned shower curtain has the potential of evoking an overly busy feel, especially when it comes to bathrooms loaded with gear. Consider a transparent liner if, you’re in a really small space or a minimally patterned version such as this delicately detailed one.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Ditch: Your College Shower Caddy

Try: Barrel Shower Caddy, Urban Outfitters, $49

Lining the perimeter of your tub with shampoo bottles and various other accessories is not a good look—not to mention a nightmare to clean around. Designate a specific storage solution, such as a sleek shower caddy, to keep things tidy and in one place.