8 Spice Rack Ideas for Even the Strangest Kitchen Layout

No more rummaging through cluttered cabinets.

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When it comes to organizing your kitchen, there are a lot of moving parts involved. You have to figure out how to manage your cabinet strategy as well as your pantry overflow, all while making sure you have enough counter space to actually cook your meals—and enjoy the process, instead of getting overwhelmed by the clutter around you. And figuring out the best spice rack ideas for your kitchen can be a particular challenge.

Assigning nonperishables to their designated shelf space or arranging your bowls and plates in cabinets can be pretty straightforward—but often enough, that jar of oregano manages to vanish just when you need it. These spice rack ideas will help you keep your seasonings in easy reach and organized for good.

The All-Open Shelves

Sleek white kitchen with open shelves
Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

If your kitchen has open shelves, congratulations: You don’t have to overthink your spice storage. Follow Elsie Larson’s lead and cluster them on shelves nearest to the stove, so they’re accessible when you cook.

The Slim Space

Kitchen nook with narrow shelf
Photography by Brittany Ambridge

No upper cabinets, no problem—in this nook, a few select spices double as decor on a narrow shelf. Just file the rest neatly into a drawer to maintain the organized look.

The Floaters

Floating spice shelves
Photo courtesy of Little House on the Corner

These floating shelves built from scratch by Little House on the Corner are a minimalist’s dream—and they can make the most of an awkward corner or a patch of wall that could be better utilized. Just be sure to measure carefully so they’re all perfectly even.

The Corner Store

Wellness powders on shelves
Photography by Lauren Stelling

When creating a storage solution for her large collection of wellness powders, Alison Wu measured her jars to make sure the shelves would fit them just right. Having them lined up on the end of her lower cabinets makes it even easier to whip up a nutritious smoothie.

The In-Betweener 

Blue kitchen with two small spice shelves
Photography courtesy of Jess Ann Kirby

Having spices readily accessible is crucial when you’re cooking, which is why Jess Ann Kirby made the most of a narrow space between her cabinets and range hood by installing two small shelves, on which essential ingredients can be easily stored. 

The Sidecar

Simple gray spice rack
Photography by Madeline Harper Photo

Anastasia Casey designed a custom spice rack that was built in an unexpected spot—right alongside her fridge. Organizer Shira Gill pulled it all together with uniform, minimalist jars. 

The Anything Goes

A stand-alone spice rack is a good option for renters trying to avoid installing shelves. This one from Yamazaki home is narrow but fits a large collection of spices—any enthusiastic home chef can keep their stash organized without a problem.

The Pantry Saver

Plastic floating shelves
Courtesy of Jen Woodhouse

Acrylic shelves turned Jen Woodhouses‘s once-disorganized pantry into a sleek spot where every single seasoning has its place. Jars with bamboo lids add some warmth to the uncomplicated setup.

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