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It’s easy for the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” to justify certain types of clutter in your home. When you’re pressed for time and too frustrated to commit to an organizing session, it’s convenient to just close the closet and cabinet doors, tucking any mess out of your line of vision. And when it comes to one area of your bathroom, that’s especially true—which is why some good under-sink storage is a necessity.

How often do you end up struggling to find a spare toothbrush or buying duplicates of the body lotion you really only need one bottle of because the cabinet space under your sink is too unruly? Ignoring this oft-neglected area doesn’t do you any favors, and it’s actually way easier to keep it under control than you might think. Just try a few of these under-sink storage ideas, and soon enough staying organized will become second nature.  

See Clearly

Storage bins are a no-brainer for tackling clutter—but it’s important to pick the right kind of bins to make sure your under-sink area is organized and functional. Clear pull-out drawers help you see what you have and ensure you can reach the items that are even the furthest back. 

Get the look:

Clear drawers
Clear Stackable Small Shoe Drawer, The Container Store ($8)

Add Shelves

The inside of your cabinet’s doors have plenty of storage potential—all you have to do is add some clear shelves, and you can easily tuck away brushes, curling wands, and anything else you might want in easy reach.

Get the look:

Clear shelves
Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Ledge Shelf, hblife ($30)

Spin It Around

Items both small (cotton swabs, nail clippers, sponges) and medium-size (aerosol cans, spray bottles) benefit from containment that prevents them from getting lost amid the rest of your stash. Lazy Susans are perfect for this task—just give them a spin to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Get the look:

Lazy susan
Plastic Round Lazy Susan Rotating Turntable, mDesign ($10)

Extend It

When you can’t access the back of your cabinet, you end up rebuying things you didn’t know you already own. A simple pull-out drawer will prevent you from stocking up on yet another bottle of glass cleaner. 

Get the look:

Pull-out drawer
1-Tier Shelf Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer, Smart Design ($50)

Make Space

Even if your bathroom doesn’t come equipped with an under-sink cabinet, you can still make the most of that real estate. Get two of these corner shelves from IKEA and align them to create an area for extra towels and toiletries. 

Get the look:

Sink shelf
Rågrund Sink Shelf, Ikea ($40)

Style It Out

Treat your under-sink space like you would your open shelving to ensure it stays tidy in the long run: Organize it with tools that aren’t just functional but nice to look at. Pretty baskets and glass jars make a world of difference. 

Get the look:

Clear jars
Stackable Kitchen Canisters Set, Leaves and Trees ($35)

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