How to Fake a Mudroom If You Don’t Have One

Small space owners, we've got you covered.

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There’s something innately convenient about having a designated room or separate entryway to store your hats, coats, bags, and shoes—without traipsing them all through your house. After all, the very point of a mudroom derives from the need to keep outside elements like dirt and mud away from your hard-earned, well-styled decor.

But in reality, not all of us can be so lucky. For small space dwellers—basically, those with apartments or older homes—mudrooms are a luxury. But of course, you still need somewhere to store those bulky coats, boots, dog leashes, and more. Not to worry: These items offer the same useful storage and convenience of a mudroom, even if you don’t actually have one.

A super stylish, multi-functional rack is the ultimate all-in-one piece. We love this rustic option—it has plenty of hooks for hanging, as well as a bench you can use to put on your shoes.

If you’re limited on space, a shoe rack may be the best you can do. Place a smart wooden one like this by your front door, and say goodbye to the piles of shoes you left in a heap after taking them off.

Proof that sleek lockers can be just as useful after high school, this squat storage item is ideal for storing extra shoes, hats, or bags, and getting them out of sight. Plus, it can also double as a bench. 

At the very least, a chic tray for your boots catches mud and dirt from the soles of your shoes, and keeps you from tracking them in the hallway or house. These are especially useful to bring out in the colder months, as they let the extra snow melt off in an easy-to-wash place. 

An entryway bench that doubles as storage can easily blend in with the rest of your decor. This one has space for additional bins underneath, and you can also store extra goods beneath as is. Either way, it’s a pretty stylish solution.

If floor space is a premium, install a hook tree in order to conveniently store hats and coats. This one has plenty of branches to store all of your belongings.

This shoe storage hack from Ikea is basically genius. The foldout compartments are a sneaky way to store those sneakers and other footwear, all while looking like a clever, decidedly chic side table.

Okay, so you don’t necessarily have an entire room designated to storing your outerwear, but this all-in-one shelf system essentially creates one for you—without taking up too much space. 

Truthfully, you can never have enough functional storage baskets. These extra large wire ones are durable enough to fit tons of shoes, hats, gloves, extra jackets, and anything else you may need handy right next to your door. Get one for each member of your family, so that each of their things have a designated space by the entry.

There are certain things you just can’t leave the house without: keys, wallet, sunglasses, and phone. Thankfully, these items are all pretty small. So, even if you don’t have a mudroom or entryway area, you can nail this organizer up next to your door, and (hopefully) never forget those all-important items.

A handy shelf like this one can store the mail you’ve just brought in, along with any other essential items you need before you leave the house.

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