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Wood is trending, and no longer just rustic or modern pieces. Antiques are making a comeback and with that comes the need to care for and restore worn and tired wood to its former glory. When trying to create a functional drop zone next to our garage door, I found this beautiful, spindle-legged table on Facebook Marketplace. It was a bargain but needed some love to make it really shine. I didn’t want to remove the character but just enhance what was already there—and the Varathane collection had just the products I needed to bring it back to life.

After a quick clean with some mild soap and water, I simply went over gouged areas with the Varathane Fill Stick and then used the Varathane Touch Up Marker anywhere that was lacking stain. I love that these are quick and easy products you can pick up in a pinch and have on hand for touch ups when life happens. Let’s take a look at the elements you need to make a space function as a drop zone, no matter the size.


Every mom longs for a large mudroom to herd and organize, but our 1980’s colonial didn’t come with such a space. So we improvised. When we renovated our kitchen, we turned a small pantry into cubbies for baskets and took them all the way up to the ceiling. That has been huge for corralling swim diapers and bug spray in the summer and hats and mittens in the winter.


I am the biggest fan of hooks because they’re so easy to use (a.k.a. kid friendly) and they look pretty. I found these at a thrift store and from towels to coats, they get lots of use all year.


Because this is where we enter our house the most, we really needed a drop spot. People are going to drop things somewhere, so if you don’t give them an area, they’ll make one themselves—somewhere you’d rather that stuff not be. From trinkets to sunglasses, this tabletop sees a lot of action and keeps our kitchen counters clear.


I love using trays or shallow bowls for all of the little things life (and kids) hands you. Instant organization! The footed bowl on the book stack makes a nice mail holder but can sometimes be full of toddler shoes or sunscreen for the pool.


The place that everyone enters and exits daily is a great space to keep track of life. To juxtapose the very traditional table I added this modern, dry erase calendar that not only adds form but function. The older our kids get, the more important a family schedule is. They love to have countdowns and be aware of the upcoming events, too.


Just because something is utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t have some decorative additions. The stack of books brings great color and interest, and the bud vase can be filled with something picked from the yard any time of year: geraniums now, pine needles later.

Creating an area for people to discard items when they get home has made living in the rest of the house a lot more enjoyable. Adding unique, personal touches only enhances the space—and the freshened-up spindle-legged table really hits the mark. Ultimately, no matter the size of the space you have, taking a few of these tips can bring calm to your day and clarity to your mind.

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