Published on March 11, 2017

Every home needs a place to drop bags and backpacks, kick off shoes, and stash odds and ends. Even the tiniest spaces have the ability to carve out a niche for use as a mini mudroom. It’s time to get creative and see how to plot a spot to stow your stuff.

All of the Essentials

Every mudroom, no matter the size, has the essentials. A place to hang coats, hats, and scarves. A perch to sit on while putting on shoes. A floor that can handle wet and muddy boots. And a bin for stowables, like pet leashes, mittens, and hats. This small entry space checks all the boxes and looks great while doing it.

Corner Crash Pad

If you ever thought a tiny corner couldn’t have mudroom potential, this might change your mind. The little bench, painted in the same shade as the walls, blends in seamlessly. A beadboard background adds detail to the nook, with just enough space to keep a small amount of items organized.

Passing Through

No need to take up a whole room for miscellaneous gear when an entry hall will do just fine. A mudroom bench makes for the perfect landing pad. We’re loving the elegance of this spot and the design that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Room With a View

Maybe you have a small room that you are currently using as a pantry or closet. This tiny space could easily be turned into a mudroom. Cabinets and stow away areas hold athletic gear, toys, and shoes.

Sweet Spot

A corner niche is the perfect place to create a drop spot for outdoor wear and boots. Rolling bins, marked for easy identification of items keep stuff readily available yet out of sight. Throw down a sheepskin for comfy seating and lean a large mirror for one last look before heading out the door.

Peg Appeal

Possibly the most minimalist version of a mudroom ever, this gloriously simple wall serves as both a drop-spot and art. Add several pegs to a wall for hanging bags, jackets, scarves, and hats. A tiny shelf keeps things interesting. 

Converted Closet

If you are lucky enough to have a small closet off of your entry, don’t bog it down with a boring old dowel and hanging coats. Create a mudroom that is both useful and attractive. A small bench lends a bit of seating, and creative organizers, like felt baskets and hanging wire bins, keep every little item in place.

Copper Cool

Make your own mudroom space in a foyer or back entry with this DIY. Add a floating shelf, key pegs, artwork, and the copper shoe rack, and you are set! This compact spot has everything a decent crash pad needs.

Locker Room

Score some vintage lockers, paint them in a bright shade, and use it to stow your stuff. Consider it a stand-in mudroom that can perk up any space.

Moody Miscellanea

Yes, deep purple is unexpected in a mudroom. But that’s what makes it so fantastic. Add character to a corner or niche with brooding color that carves out a spot for hanging gear. An antique chair and sideboard are ideal design elements for this look.


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