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You don’t have to get rid of a bunch of stuff in order to squeeze all the things you love into your studio apartment (although a thorough deep-clean never hurt anyone). Living small is all about scale—picking items that are proportional to your home and making sure each one is working overtime. Think: coffee tables with concealed storage, invisible floating bookshelves, and under-the-sink racks. Not sure where to start? Here, we break down the best organization solutions for every room. 

For the Bathroom

Make the most of a storageless pedestal sink by displaying your toothbrush in a small porcelain stand-up top and arranging the rest of your everyday products on two corner shelves below (these plumbing-adjacent ones are an absolute game changer). Maximize the shelves in your medicine cabinet with shallow containers and hang a shiny gold caddy over the showerhead. 

For the Closet

The key to a tidy wardrobe is keeping your clothes in your closet (in other words, off the floor!). Streamline your shoes with an over-the-door organizer (one of our editors swears by this $20 one) and sort your laundry with a hamper that has compartments. For your highest shelves, use baskets and dividers to corral loose items like scarves and workout gear.


For the Kitchen

An organized kitchen comes down to one thing: shelves, shelves, and more shelves. You might not have a lot of them built into your space, but fortunately, they’re easy to fake. Maximize cabinet interiors with risers or mount a floating unit on an empty wall to hold cookbooks and occasional glassware. Streamline your tools by storing them in one place on the counter, and use transparent jars to hold spices and other pantry staples. 

For the Living Room 

Focus on what you want to look at and hide the things you don’t with double-duty furniture. When you’re winding down for the night, tuck away remotes and magazines inside a lidded coffee table and neatly return your vinyl (or magazine) collection to a divided rack. Smaller trinkets, from spare change to rubber bands, can be concealed in colorful pods. 

For the Entryway 

You don’t want to have so much stuff in your entryway that it ends up looking like you live by the front door, but you should have enough furniture to house the necessities. Keep the clutter to a minimum with a small basket for mail or keys, a sleek bench for putting on shoes, a mounted coatrack that will keep outerwear from piling up, and a mirror for that last lipstick check before you head out.

This story was originally published on August 15, 2018. It has been updated. 


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