Published on August 15, 2018

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Friends, Romans, countrypersons, lend me your ears. The pages of the seasons are soon to turn once again. Let us not mourn summer’s waning hours, but capitalize on the opportunity inherent in the impending transition. My call to my fellow home enthusiasts is this: stand with me and get organized. “What if organization is not in my nature?” you may inquire. I understand this qualm and admit it strikes close to home.

While, like my fellow Domino staffers, I hold the patron saint of organization, Marie Kondo, in high regard, I often fall short in execution. While I too savor the joy of waking up to an orderly apartment, I still allow disorder to lurk in spare cabinets and drawers. No longer! We of small spaces (and large!) cannot continue to let this valuable real estate fall prey to entropy. Today we rise and beat back the chaos with the Excalibur of organization: storage hacks. Go forth into our twenty best finds below, and remember, we are all in this fight together.


For the Bathroom

The time is now to elevate your trusty toothbrush from the debasement of being left to dry on the side of the sink or in a random glass pilfered from the kitchen. Honor this instrument of oral health with an abode that is intentional, and improves your sink area (it’s the next shelfie, trust me).


The tissue box is the seasonal phantom of disorder. During the late summer months, you hardly think about our enemy the tissue box. Its garish colors and kitsch illustrations never once crossed our minds. Then comes fall, and all of a sudden our home has been invaded. It floats from room to room, taunting us with its singular ability to clash with our decor. With this in mind, I present to you the tissue box cover. No matter what horrors the three-for-one sale at your local pharmacy throws at you, this neutral device will keep it in check with a calm whimsy (the issues are the chimney smoke!).


Yes, trashcans are of the storage family. They are the way in which we store our daily garbage for disposal. Hence, they are not to be overlooked. My advice is to find the most minimal, elegant, trashcan possible, and let it fade into the background until it is needed. This is the one I use in my apartment. Cloaked in an uber neutral “linen” color, it has a tastefully minimal shape and features a flip top lid meaning trash is hidden from the daily optics of your space.


As in the bathroom, it is equally important to keep your kitchen sink clear and orderly. Thus, your sponge or washcloth should not simply be stranded haphazardly on the edge of the sink. Give these tools a consistent space to reside with this minimal holder that suction-cups to the inside of the sink, meaning less-than-chic sponges will not be visible from afar.


This is going to be an absolute game-changer for my plumbing-adjacent-storage. For too long I’ve lived with clutter under my sinks simply because I found myself stumped by how to organize around the pipes and hardware found under-sink. Thankfully, some enterprising designer decided to solve this predicament and developed this adaptable, multi-surface, under-sink organizer that wraps around pipes and can be expanded to fit most sink cabinets. Thank you enterprising designer, whoever you are.


Maybe (likely) I am too deep into the weeds of design, but, I have always been irked by shower storage. More than likely, the preexisting shower architecture you’re provided with does not allow for enough storage. Shoulders slumped, you turn to the undignified shower caddy. I find these contraptions infuriating. Often clumsily dangling from the neck of the showerhead, the brittle metal is always clanking about while you struggle to not upend the shampoo bottles crammed into narrow metal shelves. Thank goodness for this innovative caddy from Umbra. It’s formed from molded rubber (a much more shower-friendly material), with the flexibility to fit four large containers, “bottle collars” for inverting mostly-empty bottles, and integrated knobs and bands for hanging loofahs and securing razors. Did I mention it can secure to your shower head or door? Okay, I’ll calm down now.


More than likely, the space above your toilet isn’t doing much work for you as of now. Given the first rule of small-space living is, “Thou shalt not let any unused space go unchallenged,” it’s time to turn this vertical area into functional bathroom storage. This space-saver keeps things lightweight in slim, anti-microbial bamboo while providing three shelves for storage containers and succulents galore.


In the spirit of vulnerability, I will confess one of my organizing sins. Inside my medicine cabinet, while generally shelved by theme, you’ll find my small grooming tools (nail clippers, tweezers, razors, etc.) scattered about prone on the bare shelf. To right this small, but insidiously unpleasant waywardness I’m eyeing a pair of these highly adaptable acrylic dividers. They’ll provide specific compartments for each category of object, resulting in a touch more peace each morning.


For Clothing

As I mentioned, on the organization scale I’m about a 7. My shirts are hung in a color-coordinated row, my pants are folded in a dresser by type, and yet, I have no idea what to do with “the other stuff.” I’m talking about those gloves, beanies, and the belt I use once a month. I don’t want them deep in a drawer, and I don’t want them falling off some kind of exposed hanging rack. I’ve decided that this piece is the answer. It wraps around a hanger, meaning it can slot neatly in your closet, and yet functions as a kind of catch-all pocket, putting an end to the madness of my tote-bag-on-the-closet-doorknob maneuver.


At first glance, these may look like something from a late-night infomercial. Specifically, the black and white “before”-scene where the haggard protagonist opens a closet and is bowled over by a flood of winter coats, until, they are saved by a magical new technology that can be “yours for only 3 small payments of $9.99.” That stated, let me assure you that space-saver bags are no gimmick. You simply insert a bundle of clothing, vacuum out the air, and minutes later have a compressed block that is fifty percent less bulky. I’ve found it exceptionally useful for stowing winter clothes and overpacking for long vacations with one bag.


A classic storage decor hack of the first order. Lean the Hub ladder casually against the wall to add a tasteful vertical element to your space, and rungs to hang your favorite scarves, bags, or even drying clothes.


Whether like me, you’re cursed to haul a lumpy, overstuffed laundry bag over your shoulder, down six flights of stairs, and through Chinatown to the nearest laundromat, or, if you are blessed with the gift of a laundry room in your home, chances are your hamper design situation could be improved. I’m eyeing this so-industrial-it’s-actually-attractive laundry cart. It’s got separate receptacles for sorting, and wheels for whatever measure of mobility you need (catch me rolling down Canal Street with no shame whatsoever). Furthermore, the canvas bags and paired-down metal frame give it a function-driven-cool worth owning as a decor element.


For the Kitchen

A few months after moving into my new apartment, I was still living under the tyranny of chaos in one small, but powerfully unsettling way. My utensils were free floating in my kitchen drawer. The lot was sloshing about each time I opened and closed the drawer. Forks and spoons were mixing with no warning. It was the Wild West. Eventually, my kindhearted finacé, Brooke, blessed me with this bamboo drawer organizer and I’ve never looked back. It’s functional, and, the bamboo wood is much more pleasant to see and handle than plastic. If you want a version that’s a little less minimal and gives you a little spark of Jess-from-New Girl -quirky-joyfulness every time you empty the dishwasher, I’m here for it.


Let’s talk spices. You need them at hand to douse your creations in Trader Joe’s Chili-Lime spice, but if you’re like me, what was once a shelf of bottles carefully grouped by flavor profile becomes an unappetizing jumble by the end of the week. Let’s spend less time looking for the paprika bottle, and more time uploading photos to our Instagram stories with the help of this handy drawer organizer.


Let’s get real for a moment. While many of us would like to one day wake up at dawn and proceed to spend those early moments carefully crafting the ideal pour-over cup of coffee, we’re not there yet. K-cups are just too easy. You push a button and coffee magically comes out seconds later—what a time to be alive. That said, we must still strive for responsible, well-organized use of this technology. For the former, make sure you’re using a k-cup recycling device to recycle the plastic pod. For the latter, try this under-the-shelf organizer to keep your pods neatly arranged (no more torn, half-empty French Vanilla boxes strewn about!).


For Your Walls

I would adore seeing these siblings installed in one mudroom for maximum entryway storage jiu-jitsu. They have a playful, Scandi charm with slim white metal and Eamesian spherical knobs in natural wood. Picture it now; Coats and scarves? Boom, hung. Keys and mail? Boom, stowed. Seriously, if you have a mudroom please make this happen and send me a photo so I can get my hit of second-hand satisfaction.


I’ve long fantasized about putting up shelves in my apartment to hold books, plants, and objet d’art, but have struggled with follow-through. It can be daunting to install long, heavy-duty shelves, when one is renting or inexperienced. That’s why I’m so taken with these floating “invisible” shelves. They are a lightweight, low-effort way to establish wall storage and an elegant way of organizing your books without taking up valuable area on your surfaces or in your drawers.


Don’t the gumball-machine-meets-elegant-Scandinavian-modernism vibes of this coat rack just make you smile? Based off the classic Eames design, this piece will both add abundant coat and scarf storage space, but also serve as a sculptural, colorful, piece of wall art.


For Your Livingroom

Clearly, we care a lot about magazines here at Domino. We make them, buy them, collect them, and obsess over them. If you’re a kindred spirit and have picked up our Fall Issue, you’re going to need a place to start storing and displaying your collection. Stacking them on the coffee table can look cluttered quickly, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much in the way of bookshelves. That’s where this brilliant two-in-one from Yamazaki comes in. It’s a narrow, low-profile side table that will look chic and composed in even the tiniest of living spaces, and, it holds magazines below. So instead of stuffing your reading and inspiration materials somewhere in a box, keep them cleverly organized right where you want them.


No room for a full collection of traditional furniture pieces in your living space? I’d recommend this piece for the following reasons. First, it has a tasteful mid-century style that will always be à la mode. Second, unlike a bulky armchair, this bench could add an extra seat while positioned flush against the wall to maximize floor area (add a pillow or two for back support). And finally, this bench adds both a tabletop surface (perfect for adding extra light without needing an extra table), and double-drawer storage for any living room accoutrements that you want to keep stowed (bye-bye remotes and chargers).


Traditionally-sized bookcases are often too wide for the available nooks in a small space. That’s why we adore this narrow yet highly functional design. Delightfully petite, yet plentiful in storage, with its two, deep, bottom drawers. It would be perfect for showcasing a miniature library, personal mementos, and a plant or two, whilst tucking away any necessary files or clutter into the drawers beneath.


For Your Desk

The time has come to move on from using those random thrift store mugs as vessels for your pens, scissors, and other desk paraphernalia. Living our best-desk-lives means storing our work utensils in a way that’s both effective and attractive. Enter this modular, wood, organizer desk set. It has slots for everything you need (including a bowl for thumbtacks!), while saying, “yeah, I’ve got my life together in a Tall-Perfectly-Dressed-In-Black-Scandinavian way.”


Want to display all your favorite photos but don’t have space for frames cluttering your desk area? Install this ingenious space saver above your desk, and then clip and swap Polaroids, postcards, and moodboard cut-outs to your heart’s content.