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Courtesy of Ikea

In our humble opinion, you can never have too many magazines. Forget reading on a tablet or e-reader: There’s something to be said about thumbing through the tangible pages of your favorite subscription; dog-earing your favorite tips, tricks, recipes, and stories to remember for later.

But if you’re like us and tend to unapologetically hoard lots of print issues, it can be hard to stay organized. Instead of letting those pages pile up, we’ve rounded up a few stylish ways to store them. Try these easy solutions to put your go-to reads on display.

Converted Crate

Repurpose an old crate with some wheels for a chic, portable storage option that blends with any rustic decor.

Scandi Style

Keep those colorful covers in check with the rest of your space by placing them in a sleek, neutral canvas holder, like this one from Denmark-based Ok Design.

Courtesy of Hos Marte

A Crate-Turned-Table

Turn a crate on its side, fill with magazines, and enjoy! This is a great option for a bedside or end table.

A Hollow Bench

Fill up the space in these storage containers with magazines instead of shoes, for an added visual element.

Courtesy of  Jennifer Hagler

Use Magazine Holders

Line magazine holders up along one wall. This is the perfect idea for an empty wall, long hallway, or home office.

Photography by JAMES MERRELL

Pyramid Formation

Stack your magazines under your books on the ground, in order to form a pyramid-like structure.


On Your Coffee Table

This one is a given, but displaying your favorite (or latest!) covers on your coffee table is a great alternative to collecting expensive books.

Clear Holder

This magazine holder’s cool design adds a modern feel to any room. We’re huge fans of the lucite design.

Courtesy of Hitta Hem

A Fabric Basket

Stuff your magazines into a fabric basket for a more portable solution.

Photography by Frida Ramstedt

Reclaimed Wood Ladder

DIY your own magazine-holding ladder with some reclaimed wood and a few nails.

Photography by Nina Holst

White Floating Shelves

Install two rows of shallow white floating shelves on your walls, and add magazines instead of framed prints.

Courtesy of Jeanette Lunde

Hang Them

Utilize unique nooks and spaces in your apartment by installing poles for your magazines.

Courtesy of Zana Products

DIY Hammock

Follow Zana Products’ DIY instructions for your very own copper magazine stand. Bonus: You get to choose the pattern on the fabric.

Photography by Urban Outfitters

Locker Chic

This rustic-looking locker storage unit perfectly contrasts the vibrant covers of your favorite magazines.

Photography by MICHAEL LUCAS

Under Your Bar Cart

Take advantage of the space under a table or bar cart—bonus points if it’s wicker, like this one—and store your mags there.

Photography by LUKE EDWARD HALL

A Single Stack

Fill the space under your bedside table with an organized, single stack of magazines.

This post was originally published on December 21, 2015. It has been updated with new information.

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