How to Make the Most of Your Colorful Cookbook Collection

Spoiler alert: there's more to it than just a regular shelf display.
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As a self-professed hoarder of beautifully-designed cookbooks, I often find myself at a loss when it comes to finding a practical method in which to display them—and by practical I mean, one that allows me to show off their beautiful artwork yet remain close-at-hand. And since the ultra-ordinary, pile-’em-up-on-a-shelf approach is one I’m looking to reinvent, I set out to discover all the ways in which I could display my favorite titles, with an art-focused direction.

When you’re tight on space (as I am), you learn to make the most of the space you have—case in point: utilizing the often bare spot above the fridge as extra storage space. Read on to get the scoop on the clever ways you can up your

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Line them up.

Install a set of Ikea’s Lack shelves on an empty wall and use them to display your most artful collection of cookbooks. While the thinner shelves take up less space (width-wise—i.e. you’re probably not going to get the most out of it, functionally-speaking) they allow you to show off the cover art with effortless ease.

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Hang ’em.

This custom-made book rack definitely falls under the more untraditional when it comes to storage. Comprised of a set of 12 pins, which also double as bookmarks, it makes for one seriously unique display method. And don’t fret, this is an entirely harm-free (to the books) storage method.

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Stack them.

We love the structure of this vinyl storage rack, which can just as easily be repurposed as a clever storage solution for all your cookbooks. Sandwich your less-than-chic cookbooks with the more artfully-designed options, and you’ll end up with one seriously statement-worthy setup. Bonus points for the fact that it can be seamlessly integrated into a tiny nook in your kitchen.

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Allow it to function as a colorful focal point. 

What happens when your cookbook collection is so grand that you can’t possibly display it by a curated approach? Take some pointers from chef and newly-minted cookbook author Alison Roman, who took advantage of her vast lineup by utilizing it as a method for imparting her space with a bold dose of color.

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Make the most of your window space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen, we love the idea of utilizing the windowsill as a spot to store your most-used titles. Pair the scene with potted greens, colorful ceramics, or various other found objects to effortlessly elevate the design.

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Curate a thoughtful display.

If you’re in the market for a more modest situation, simply line your cookbooks up on a wall-mounted base—earmarking your favorite titles for the shelf. Psst! This chic display is the result of an ultra-easy Ikea hack.

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