How to (Finally) Get Your Home Organized

With tips from Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit!

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For a little extra inspiration, the Domino editors’ favorite Instagrammers takeover our feed each weekend. It’s safe to say tips and covetable images are aplenty. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent feature!

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit master what most people dread—tackling cluttered closets, chaotic kitchens, overflowing pantries, and messy bedrooms—and turning them into carefully considered, highly-organized systems. You know, places where you can actually find what you’re looking for (without turning the whole room upside down). If your New Year’s resolution involves trying to organize every room of the house, take note from this dynamic duo. Their latest takeover of our Instagram feed made us feel like we, too, can tackle all the disorganized places in our homes.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

We get it, between your makeup drawer and medicine cabinet, it’s likely you’ve got A LOT of products. But instead of letting them all pile up, the home edit suggests clear acrylic bins that you can label. The labels hold you accountable for putting each product back in its rightful place. Plus, you can still see everything in your cabinet, thanks to the clear finish. Done and done.

Tackle Your Toys

Tired of tip-toeing around your kids’ playroom for fear that you might step on a stray Lego? The ladies of the home edit suggest stackable bins for storing all those little pieces that can easily go missing. Even better? Make space to strategically hang controllers and larger games in between. We’re big fans of the way they used dividers, almost like book ends, to keep boxed games standing up and easy to see. This is a great example of using what you already have to help organize a space.

It’s Time to Clean Out That Pantry

A snack-lover’s paradise, this pantry is organization goals for how easy it is to see what’s available. Storing loose foods like cereal or grains in clear canisters, Clea and Joanna also mix in different sized bins. If you buy in bulk, consider filling the smaller, clear bins with select quantities of your snacks and goods, and keeping the rest on the bottom in the larger, straw baskets.

While there’s a million different ways to “get organized”, the system that matters is the one that works for you. A solution can be as simple as adding a few extra bins here and there—or as involved as having the women of The Home Edit come and totally overhaul your house! Either way, it’s all about making the most of the space you have and gaining a little peace of mind knowing everything has a rightful place in your home.

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